The Legacy publication team successfully organized a social evening. This was held on the night of Friday 16th August. With a glimpse, one could tell that the event was properly organized and those responsible gave it all their best. It portrayed a good start for the new executive that was ushered in early this semester. On his part, the chairman displayed exemplary leadership which should be echoed by other media houses around the campus. The event that kicked off at 7pm saw a large turn-out of invited guests in addition to the members. Unlike previous events, this was a unique one in a way that a good percentage of attendants interviewed felt contented with the way it was organized and conducted.
The event saw the launching of the club’s magnificent banner which had been colourfully designed by Anangwe Victor, the former chairman. It had been longed for by the members for a long time. Now that it has been realized, it is high time the team worked harder to achieve more.
Without forgetting the fact that this is an election semester, a gathering of two or more comrades forms an audience to those aspiring to be part of the 27th SGC. It was not a different case at the event. In attendance were aspirants for various positions in the forthcoming MUSO elections. They included Catherine Mutuku, Kipsaro Boit, Misigo Michael, Jeff Kenyatta, George Bush, Nathaniel Akadima, Gitungo Wamere and Orem Benard among others. They used the event as a platform to sell their policies to their potential supporters. Thus ensuring that the event was politically alive. Moreover, it showcased the importance of media in politics.
Dr. Juma Musakali, the patron of The Legacy publication, was the guest of honour. However, he did not turn up to grace the event due to unavoidable circumstances. He therefore, with sincere apologies sent his speech which was read out. In his speech he welcomed and congratulated the new legacy publication team for their dedication towards the club. He further urged them to work harder as their work would not be in vain. In connection to this, he pointed out a number of Moi University alumni such as Alex Chamwada and Willis Raburu among others whose dedication in campus media contributed to their success in their careers.
This is therefore a challenge to The Legacy publication to continue with the pace it has set as the most informative and interactive publication in campus. It is a challenge to the other publications in their quest for enlightening the society and nurturing talents.


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