Message to the incoming Leadership The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students

From The Chairperson ANANGWE Victor
It has been a wonderful and glorious moment serving as the Managing editor of The legacy Moi University Publication for one academic year and as the chairperson for a period of two academic years. It has been a pleasure interacting, training and mentoring many campus writers in realization to their career and passions. Continue reading


We Celebrate our Finalists ~ By NYAGA Monica

It has been nice having you in Moi University. My congratulatory note to the 5th year engineering students who left the premise last month. I know it was a great relieve started in 1st year till the last minute when Continue reading

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment – NICK Nyamai

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment - NICK  Nyamai

As finalists count days to make their last strides out of the splendid karibu umefika gate, many questions, doubts and desolate hopes Continue reading

Campus: Of Wooing and Whoring – By Bonface Masese

Apparently we are all in campus. I say apparently because it is not entirely the case, at least not socially; hence the need to share with you some of the most effective methods mugs use to sweep their crush off their feet and onto their bed. I will address our respectable ladies the moment they realize the difference between wooing and whoring. Continue reading

I Stand to Acknowledge ¬ BY ANANGWE Victor

When I was young, I ate like a child, I played like a child, innocence was full in my head, playing was my hobby, then suddenly my tight family links started breaking each every step that I made towards education.  From nobody to somebody today, Continue reading

Ladies rise up and shine ¬ By NYAGA Monica

Ladies in Moi university have been afraid of taking high leadership positions either in MUSO , TSA or other clubs and movements for a long time. They have been taking a backseat especially on issues pertaining fighting for students rights or their rights to take up leadership.

For instance, in MUSO , there is a stereotype Continue reading

A Story to My Kids ¬ By ANANGWE Victor

When I finally pack my luxuries and depart this institution with the most ambiguous, equivocal and abstruse differences especially in the academic sector where academic calendars are even altered overnight, I will narrate to my kids Continue reading