Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment – NICK Nyamai

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment - NICK  Nyamai

As finalists count days to make their last strides out of the splendid karibu umefika gate, many questions, doubts and desolate hopes Continue reading


Pomp and Glamour Season ~ By Daniel MBUGUA T

Are my eyes deceiving  me?  Am I   still  in  Moi   University main campus? Is this the same Students’ Centre I knew? Who got  the  answers  from  me?  Banners are all over the place. The contestants were really waiting for this moment.  I  appreciate  their  efforts keeping in mind that there are also competing in terms of their presentation on the banners.

On visual communication, did you know that the colours and the picture on the banner communicate a   lot   more   than  you   can   imagine?   A  print   advertisement is always developed after consideration of many components such as colour, visual theme, message, motion and many more. And as the adage goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” This is not just a saying but very practical to human beings. As visual creatures, we tend to retain more information seen in picture form rather than in wording-form. I would like to point out that some of the banners are really of quality in terms of the already  mentioned  aspects and catches the attention of the voters who then try to inquire more about the contestant. On the other hand, considering all the factors some posters leave the voters with more question than answers!

For the vote’s sake, how can you have a very big banner with a  white  background  and  fainted  colours and expect it to   appeal  to   then    audience. This is the worst mistake and what I call “publicity suicide”. For sure this will act negatively to your campaigns. Rectify the situation before it’s too late. Interestingly, the ‘jobless’ comrades are now busy ‘copy pasting’. Posters everywhere! But I can’t fail to point out that the campaigns have started in a rather good note and hopefully it will run smoothly.

For the first years, I know this is your  first  experience in campus politics. I want to believe that by now you have a rough idea of what is to  transpire  during this period. Just to add to what you already know, as I always state in my articles, always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote was not lost. And to the aspirants, an idea not coupled with actions will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupies. So the time to act is now, not ‘when I get there’!

All this is happening just hours to the long awaited    event  – Mr  &  Mrs  Moi. It’s  a  good  coincidence that my roommate is contesting and I wish him all the best also  to   all     the       other  contestants. I love the mood, comrades are psyched up. Guess what, we are four days to the Lover’s day. For the sake of  those  who had forgotten or have no plans for the day. You  don’t  have  a  plan  for  Valentines? Don’t      disturb       yourself;     the  beautiful  ones  are  not  yet  born! Next  year, obviously you will have a chance;    that is   if    all factors remain constant.

The writer is a 1st year – LMC   School  of  Arts   &   Social  Sciences