Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment – NICK Nyamai

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment - NICK  Nyamai

As finalists count days to make their last strides out of the splendid karibu umefika gate, many questions, doubts and desolate hopes Continue reading


Stealing Girlfriends ~ By ANANGWE JVC

From a story of a teacher who was thoroughly beaten to death by mourners in Kakamega County for stealing the Bishop’s wife as the man of God was busy transpiring the word of eternity to the mourners; the teacher’s to get hold of what he has been targeting for long in vain. Little did he know his day had also come. May his soul rest in peace. Why do men like stealing other’s girlfriends? This is even rampant in campus.

Men will always follow ladies of their target with lots of respect and enthusiasm. Continue reading