Message to the incoming Leadership The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students

From The Chairperson ANANGWE Victor
It has been a wonderful and glorious moment serving as the Managing editor of The legacy Moi University Publication for one academic year and as the chairperson for a period of two academic years. It has been a pleasure interacting, training and mentoring many campus writers in realization to their career and passions. Continue reading


Finally my will is out ~ By ANANGWE Victor

It has been a pleasure being in this universal school of higher learning; another universe that harboured my next generational pin-pops of life. I am proud, I have fought a good fight, I have won the race in many ways and lost in times of tag of war which has always been my lifetime game.
Many have reminded me as a senior counsel to clarify what am leaving for who and who is taking what to avoid commotion when I have left. I also want to state that I don’t own any child behind or to any unknown woman who may come late in my name. If there is one, raise your hand now.

But as I depart from this precious academy of humanical knowledge injector, Continue reading

Aspirants Be On the Watch out! ~ By LIBENDI Abraham

Let me congratulate all the aspirants to the 26th sgc for braving the odds and pronouncing to the fellow comrades that you will be  in  the  race  you  have  acknowledged the rot in Moi  and now  you  are  all ready to clean it. Let me wish all of you the best as you partake the thorny path of the leadership. I also promise that I will vote for all of you as long as you stand for what the comrades want and you are not just out to prove your meanness and selfish personal egos.

You  better  be  on   the  watch!  With  the   escalating prices of the commodities comrades will open their palms and accept what you have to offer. They will sing out their hearts to the tune of the name pronouncing you the chairman, vice chair and so on. They will be on the forefront in  your  campaign  meetings and part you on the back every time you unleash new bank notes and praise unto you. The most hurting part is that they will be the chairs of your opponent’s campaign committees. They will use their wits to milk you dry and abandon you. It is then just that the reality will have dawn on you. You will be booed off by your campaigners. You will realise that you dug you own graves.

I will also like to educate you on something I haven’t tasted. Tarnishing an opponent’s name to your benefit will only prove your incompetency and immaturity. It will be used against you when the election time comes. You will have nothing to be voted in for except that you do not want someone else to be the leader or you want to feel the pride of being a leader. Treat your opponents with respect and use your dreams for your fellow comrades to woe them into voting for you.

As I conclude, let me also encourage you to consult with your opponents. We will  want to be leaders but we cannot lead trees and that is why some of us have to be contented to lead and be lead. Why not act like learned people. If you all stand for change why don’t you wish to step aside or down and give one agent to guide you in your quest for change? Why waste resources poisoning comrades endangering their lives when at the end of the day you will be ashamed and feel like committing suicides.


The writer is 1st year –  School of  Biology & Physical Sciences


The Odds of The 26th SGC ~ By LIBENDI

I burn the midnight paraffin thinking of how the campaigns and election of student leaders would be different this year. We have all heard the aspirants attack the 25th SGC with different interpretations of their tenure without directing blame to any particular member but rather, the entire leadership.

Before I veer off, let me tell you why the aspirants for the 2012/13 SGC will not get there easily and those who shall, will attest to the truth in my prophesy. First, Moi University students like all Kenyans are beneficiaries to the new constitution that was recently promulgated by his Excellency President Mwai Kibaki and the right Hon. Prime Minister Raila Odinga in broad daylight. They (students) know their rights and are sober enough to choose their leaders wisely, be warned that they will consume your cheap liquor and once they get to the ballot spite you in the back, what a waste of campaign resources.

Even more interesting is the show of interest by those regarded as juniors to run alongside seniors. They have shown vigour and challenged their senior counterparts with their ability to influence voters. One aspirant had it rough when asked a question on the tendering of the shops as well as the rocketing prices of commodities essentially consumed by students, most aspirants alike would choose to disassociate with the issue.

Perhaps I speak too soon, but Kelly a friend of mine says rather than having his Student ID card shredded he had better leave it in his wallet as it is, than to vote for an SGC which is seemingly unaware of the responsibilities that come with student leadership. Another friend Sam would rather they keep away from his room.

Comrades want to see a student leadership that is free from corruption, for a long time the SGC has been used as a puppet, an extension of the dean of students’ office. It will be a task for the aspirants to repaint the image of the SGC and to restore students trust in the institution.

The 26th SGC will have to be composed of leaders who put the interests of fellow students first before their own those who know student affairs at heart for instance issues to deal with the accommodation crisis, insecurity on campus; speaking of which we cannot have hawkers barging in on us without even Knocking distributing milk in the wee hours of the night, the dilapidated state of hygiene in our hostels and don’t get me started on the Mess, I mean; can’t we have anything else other than beans and ugali?

Before the aspirants for the 26th SGC think about buying us Yokozuna in attempts to woo us for votes, they must first appreciate that they are students like us and that their purpose for running is to be representatives of fellows.

As I conclude I would like to bring to your attention that I have been using a candle to prepare this article, my roommate is tossing and turning for the fourth time now in thirty minutes since he got into his bed to sleep, his restless slumber I believe is because he didn’t have supper before he went to bed mainly because the power has been out all evening.

Comrades vote in leaders not because of anything else other than merit, before you go for their free drinks and goodies first consider whether their leadership will serve the good of the student fraternity and the varsity as a whole.




The writer is 1st Year – Applied Statistics & Computing, School of Biological and Physical Sciences