Take A Look and Appreciate ~ By Diana RASUGU

My friends think I am crazy about nature. I think one is crazy not to love nature. I feel nature is not given the appreciation it deserves. How would you feel if no one recognizes a good thing you have done? This is how a tree feels when you do not recognize it.

Take a look at the rising sun at dawn or the golden horizon as it sets: it is so beautiful- amazing.  How many of us thank God Continue reading


Message to the incoming Leadership The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students

From The Chairperson ANANGWE Victor
It has been a wonderful and glorious moment serving as the Managing editor of The legacy Moi University Publication for one academic year and as the chairperson for a period of two academic years. It has been a pleasure interacting, training and mentoring many campus writers in realization to their career and passions. Continue reading

We Celebrate our Finalists ~ By NYAGA Monica

It has been nice having you in Moi University. My congratulatory note to the 5th year engineering students who left the premise last month. I know it was a great relieve started in 1st year till the last minute when Continue reading

Ladies rise up and shine ¬ By NYAGA Monica

Ladies in Moi university have been afraid of taking high leadership positions either in MUSO , TSA or other clubs and movements for a long time. They have been taking a backseat especially on issues pertaining fighting for students rights or their rights to take up leadership.

For instance, in MUSO , there is a stereotype Continue reading

Stealing Girlfriends ~ By ANANGWE JVC

From a story of a teacher who was thoroughly beaten to death by mourners in Kakamega County for stealing the Bishop’s wife as the man of God was busy transpiring the word of eternity to the mourners; the teacher’s to get hold of what he has been targeting for long in vain. Little did he know his day had also come. May his soul rest in peace. Why do men like stealing other’s girlfriends? This is even rampant in campus.

Men will always follow ladies of their target with lots of respect and enthusiasm. Continue reading

Change of Style ~ By OYONGE Oyonge

BEING a 1st year is always preceded by a variety of cultures and lifestyles. In many universities, Moi University so to specify, what defines and redefines a 1st year is the dressing code and manner of articulation. Most of us always tend to run away from our villageism (normal way of life) and on the process embrace and emulate what dressing code we have found in the campus. Continue reading

Kenyan Rose on Concrete ~ By NYAMAI Nick

Tupac Shakur’s (Makaveli) poem, A Rose That Grew From the Concrete, is a symbolic reality of majority of Kenyans life, the system of ruling and the division of people, favourism and greed from our politicians.

Before delve into the Kenyan rose, look at Tupac’s’ life and see a protégé with ardor to resist the white dominance …Tupac Shakur was a hip hop rapper, a poet, actor. The concrete is the street life he grew up-the ghetto life. Raised by a single parent (mother) without a better job to sustain the family, while the rose symbolizes a beautiful thing that came from a difficult situation, in 1995 at 25 years, his net worth was 40 million USD. This is the rose; His music enabled him to live a luxurious lifestyle before he died, September 13, 1996 of cardiac arrest after street shooting. Continue reading