Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment – NICK Nyamai

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment - NICK  Nyamai

As finalists count days to make their last strides out of the splendid karibu umefika gate, many questions, doubts and desolate hopes Continue reading


Lost Opportunity ~ By KHISA W. Pius

I was dry! Or rather my spirit was down low. I desired someone to water my withering heart; to purge my emotions; to relieve me of the burden that made life a hellous nightmare. So I tried hard to find one.

I traversed in the vast wilderness of the campus in quest for a soul-mate. It was no easy task but pressed on. Where there was no will, I corrupted my way into every place—including those inscribed: ‘’Mbwa kali’’ and ‘’trespassers shall be prosecuted.’’ Continue reading

The MU Choir Live Band ~ By MBUGUA Daniel

Moi University Main Campus was last Saturday, 25th February 20012, treated to live performance by the University choir/band. Also on stage were the Urembo Foundation Kenya which did the curtain raising, solo and groups performances.

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts of tempo meter and articulation),  dynamics  and  the  auditory qualities of timbre and texture. Moi university choir      utilises  and  nature  talented  voices of the university students and by that, the choir produce well trained and disciplined singers. The choir performs in various  functions both internal activities such as Graduation Ceremonies and external activities such as during  show grounds, political rallies and even in competitions up to international level.


“The Moi University Choir, among other associations, plays a big role in establishment of the extra-curricular sphere at the university. Drawing members from almost all Schools in the Main Campus, it constitutes students with different social and  cultural  backgrounds.  Conforming to the university’s good practice of nurturing innovation and talent, the choir provides ground for talent identification, development and effective utilization.”


Moi University Choir Facebook fan page has it. This is a clear indication that certainly this is a place to be; the group to join.

During the concert, interested students were asked to join the choir or the band as it had various advantages apart from utilizing the activity fee which each student pays. It is noticeable how Dr Wanyama, the choir director and Mr Ongeri, the co-director have dedicated in helping members and improve the quality of the Moi University choir. This is not a choir like any other, it is a mighty choir! Soon, if all goes well, there is a trip to Ghana where various choirs from various countries will contest.

The concert was crowned by rhumba from the University Band. So many things have been said about the band. For those who attended, you saw for yourself how high the band can go. This is a kind of event to look out for, never to pass without your notice. All is not complete without the Moi University Anthem. How many of us know that? It’s a high time we be proud of what is ours and be patriotic.