Campusnova By ORDIA Akelo

If there is anyone who the marriage bill is tailored to fit it is the campus Casanova. Yes it is now official ladies, your beau is not yours and yours alone. The bill clearly states that any other union except for Hindu, Christian or civil marriages is potentially polygamous. As we all know your relationship has a 99pc chance of not falling in either category.


So even as the campus rangers go ahead to celebrate their newfound freedom, there is one breed of campusnovas who see nothing new in the current state of affairs and he can’t seem to understand what the fuss is all about. For him he has always had a string of ‘wives’ who all know of each other’s existence. Even so they have not gone hammer and tongs at each other, instead they live harmoniously despite the fact that the all so familiar female jealousy reigns between them.


The campusnova has his act all together and all his wives are fashioned to meet his needs. With his sweethearts strewn all over campus from the K to J to stage and even mabs, there is nothing this young man lacks. After a weekend spree he does not fret for a place to sleep, during the weekdays he can always camp at the house nearest to his classes and the ever dreaded task of laundry is never a problem for him.


The ladies on the other hand maintain their poise as he does very little to hide anything from them. It is only normal that ladies swear to never engage with a man with other engagements but for them there is little that they can do after all, washapenda. So whenever they all meet for lunch in the weekend they maintain forced smiles and stifled laughter as they try to maintain the tet-a-tet. He on the other hand beams with pride to see how sweet it is to see all his girls getting along.

So what is it that keeps the ladies drawn and glued to the campusnova to the extent that they would never leave him for anything (until graduation of course)?


He has an air of confidence that hangs around him and to him, no lady can escape his smooth talk, he is funny and can maintain a conversation with almost anyone, from the blonde to the smart ass chic. He is generous and during the initial stages of wooing a lady, he does not hesitate to loosen his purse strings. His honesty also plays to his favour at the end of the day. It is also quite clear that he strategises well to see that he maintains his string of sweethearts to the end of his academic term in campus.


It is therefore very clear, the campusnova has set the pace for you my dear brothers, if you are out there and you have the spirit of polygamy drawn from your forefathers in you, then go yea forth and find yourselves wives. Note however, that the campusnova’s relationships are symbiotic and not parasitic, otherwise you will fail terribly in your pursuit of keeping up with the law.


We Celebrate our Finalists ~ By NYAGA Monica

It has been nice having you in Moi University. My congratulatory note to the 5th year engineering students who left the premise last month. I know it was a great relieve started in 1st year till the last minute when Continue reading

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment – NICK Nyamai

Cartoon: A finalists’ 4 year investment - NICK  Nyamai

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The Degree of Campus Love – BY MBUGUA DANIEL

There exists a thin difference between love and friendship. It is evident that most of us including myself are caught in between unawares. In a situation that tires your brain, body and heart; leaves one unfeeling. It feels so good to have someone you call ‘my love’. Does true love really exist in campus relationships?

True love in this context demands a lot and it is true that most of us do not deliver as expected. It is hard to avoid it, some comrades will say that. We are social beings and in a way I support that claim. But lets us look it in a more specific way. How did it start? How is the going? Are you comfortable in that relationship? What makes you feel you want to stay or break? If every comrade was to answer that question, we would produce large volumes of documents enough to fill 2nd floor shelves in MTL library!

Must you be in a relationship? Being in a relationship is a choice that means we are not forced to be. In other words, it is an open aspect and depending on what you want and how you want to live your life in campus can motivate you to be or remain single. Certainly, we have our reasons to be in a ‘love’ life or not. And what is this love in our context? We can explain that with what it is not: you love to get that prestigious life (he pay for drinks, bus fare and take you out on weekends and or social supremacy), you love to satisfy your ‘craving’ (mostly dudes), you love because you had a crash with someone, you love because he is handsome or she is so beautiful to let go!

A higher mind in this campus has said that relationship-gone-sour cases have increased as from last academic year and it is disturbing. Ladies are impregnated and the men, who are responsible for that, are having fun with other ladies who are not pregnant disowning the expectant ones. This is very distressing in that as a lady you cannot just watch him walk around campus having fun and to make matters worse, he denies you in broad day light. The same case to men, they are left empty, hopeless and feel used.

We cannot wholly conclude that love and relationships have a bitter ending. We can sight example of few couples who have made it and are living happily-there-after. It must also come to our notice that to maintain a relationship is quite a task. When little problems arise between you, it is wise to solve them immediately and evade from reaching the administrators because that is unnecessary. But if it has a life-size magnitude, well, you must let them know your case and help you out.

In all circumstances, avoid unprotected sex. Always use a condom. If it is a must you do it, ladies, confirm that he has a condom. Gentlemen, do not be persuaded to have it unprotected. It does not matter whether it is her birthday, your anniversary or she just got 29 out of 30 in a CAT! Three things remain constant: pregnancy, STI and AIDS.

Take charge of your life. And be warned, relationship-gone-sour cases are treated with at most seriousness! The constitution is in actual fact very tough on us: men. If possible, avoid awakening unripe love until it ripens and what is more, you are ready for it.

The writer is a 2nd year, LMC Student School of Arts & Social Sciences


Sometimes when you are depressed, humiliated and exhausted, you need to relieve yourself. You need the safest place to retire to; to free yourself from chains of problems, endless work and the wild cold that cuts through your bones relentlessly. This lone and ultimately essential place is love. It is a sanctuary for those suffering from diseases, hunger, rejection and prejudice. It is important as life is to the rich, poor, children and adults. Generally, it is a contingent of life.

Love provides a forum for their subscribers to share their views. Through this, you are able to freely discuss issues affecting you, be it professional or in life as a whole. You can open your heart to him or her and explain your problems, baggage and plans. Consequently, problems are solved, you are relieved and living proves less suffocating.

Pleasure and enjoyment are born in love. These results from the little jokes you make, outings and plays. Also, the satisfaction and feeling you get while walking, sitting and generally spending time with your loved one is more thrilling, more touching and more likeable. It incites your spirit and passion to live again tomorrow!

Furthermore, being and feeling loved ignites a flame of hope in you. It distances you from your fears, problems and the unpalatable tastes of the world. As Euripides (480-406BC) once put it, “Love is all we have; the only way that each can help the other.”This confirms that love empowers one, strengthens one and gives one a future.

However, there arise instances when the above fruits are not harvested at all. Instead; love becomes a burden, love becomes costly and love opens way for your untimely downfall. Reason? Simple. The relationship may fail to hold water. This results from the different perceptions the two of you hold and the object that bound you together. Be it love or lust, money or trust.

According to my insight, love- true love is built on three main pillars: trust, honesty and respect. They cost nothing tangible but are sometimes difficult to be achieved. It (love) only demands dedication, protection and ‘hard work’. These will render it firm; to withstand the strength of waves, to outdo hatred and challenges and to live to your expectations.

In contrast, if love is built on money or the concrete reason for your engagement is nothing less than earthly possessions, then you are doomed!  It is not love. But something else. In no time. Out of the blues. Money and wealth will fade away and….. Off, love will be gone! Consequently, here is when: disasters strike, hearts break, salient lives are lost.

In conclusion therefore, loving and being loved is good. It is awesome. It spices life and gives hope to you. It is a spring of solace to the oppressed. This is achieved only if is love genuine and true.


The writer is a 2nd year, Eng & Lit

School of Education



Start of Something New- By MBUGUA Daniel

Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy but socially dead! Since the beginning of this semester, I have spend better part of the days sleeping! Interestingly, I have been pirating in a room with two engineers. Talking of engineers I have a thought about it.

A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible. The road to success is always under construction. Get it right….CIVIL ENGINEERS
A bridge is built for us to pass over; it is a work of utility, and which should endure. It should be in keeping with its object, solid, clean, simple, well executed without vain ornament. A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. how can someone spend the whole night trying to draw sketches from a view point of 45 degrees? What is the point? Maybe am getting the “engineering” the wrong way, I am a linguist.

This gave me the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the bed. That was really pleasing! Little did I realize that I was doing damage to myself? Excessive sleep is with nothing to live for! There were new faces in campus. You call them‘Freshas’.  I call them “adventurers in the miasma of universal adaptation”. It their first time to be in such an environment where one has the freedom to do and be wherever at any time and conspicuously, most overspend. Slow down young ladies and gentlemen. It is a matter of time and all that will be gone. You will find yourselves in the system which most comrades are in and I believe by now you know what I am talking about.

As soon as I came back to my senses and got out of sleep to at least see what is new…I was too late. But I had this second thought. What really happens to the innocent young ladies in particular? They will come to you with all sweet words  on earth, provide you with everything you ask for and of course be willing to direct you to various places in campus. Just walk through ladies hostels and you are likely to hear this:

Dude: I love youImage
Chic: yup
Dude: I love you
Chic: uh-huh
Dude: I Love You
Chic: Gosh I love you too!
Dude: ……
Chic: Nice

Before you realize it you will be “full” and he will be nowhere to be seen. So much has been said. Does my situation make me socially dead? No I don’t think so. I have a lot of other very important things to attend to. I mind writing articles and that will sort out the social part- with a greater impact. As a linguist and a writer I have discovered how far you can go with language to create immediate, elementary experience in all fields. Love and friendship included.

A Letter to My Valentine ~ By Joshwa Victor ANANNGWE

Hey sweetheart, I know you are wondering why am too quiet as it approaches valentine’s day. Let me assure you that I am fully aware of it. I have been thinking about it and on how to make it suburb for you. This is the best time for me to renew my love for you and to strengthen my promise of love to you my dear honey.

Let me start by telling you that I truly love you to the brim. I will not tell you what I dream of you because you may think that one day I will not abandon you.

It will be a nice moment to recall how your beautiful and sparkling eyes used to send me off guard whenever I met you. It will be a nice moment to recall how I used to switch off and concentrate on your systematic steps leaving me bending to see where your angelic figure would disappear to in midst of the multitude. Little did i used to forget that am on the altar and in a white cassock but it was precious watching u catwalk towards to the choir upon receiving the holy sacrament? It will be a nice moment to recall how many times you put me off thus putting me on probation to revive my vibes and retry my passwords.

As the time tickles towards the momentum, i want to assure you that you are past the stage of red roses which any other person can get. I promise to get you the blue roses, a rose with a smile, a rose that substitutes my words, a rose that will really tell my conservative feelings for you and a rose with a calming and soothing colour. As we enter into the mood of love, I promise to cherish you with all my heart, to ever love your cute and pretty eyes, to spend quality time with you and show you the true meaning of romance. I promise to compliment and appreciate you and to love you through thick and thin until nothing do us apart.

May this epistle re-soften your heart so that my space in it may keep on expanding. May it refresh that beautiful smile on your face. May it trigger those amazing dimples on your chicks. I also wish to assure you that my heart will only listen to you and to not open my ears to the rumour mongers who want our concentrated love to get diluted or dissolved. I understand that the classes are too tight this time but the kind of love I have for you is uncomparable to anything else. I promise to make your valentine’s day fantastic and memorable.


Yours in love,