Bill: The Constitution Is Underway

By ALAL K’Alal

Moi University Students’ Organization (MUSO) Secretary General Oliver Bill has reinstated that the long awaited constitution is underway.Bill urged the students to remain patient and provide support whenever they are called upon to participate in the review process.

Speaking to the Legacy, the Secretary General said the constitution review strategy has already been rolled out and that all the stakeholders should support the move. “The strategy is already outlined. The process is underway and all students are urged to participate. I will accept ideas that will help us have a comprehensive constitution that is free from manipulation”

He said the constitution will be a landmark towards liberation of the union and making it an independent entity where the students are ‘self-governed’ “The constitution will bring to an end the enslavement that we have been subjected to since 1984. It will be the turning point towards the realization of our long awaited liberation”

Further, he stated that his office is committed to serve the interests of all the students and deliver them from the yoke of bondage.

The Secretary General lamented over the current constitution saying, “It does not meet the minimum threshold of any legal document beneath the sky” Bill’s commitment is likely to rekindle hopes in students who already had fading hopes after consecutive disappointed from the previous regimes.

Previously, students have been left waiting for the constitution without any success. To date, there are at least four unsuccessful constitutional drafts from the previous governing councils. The constitution, should it be delivered, will be the greatest contribution of a student leader since the establishment of this University.

Work Study Yet To Be Paid

Students who have work study programs within the University are yet to be paid their wages for the services that they provide. The students have had their payments delayed for the last five consecutive weeks despite reporting for duty daily.

Speaking to the Legacy, a section of students who have not been paid expressed their anger at the manner in which the administration is handling the issue. “We are not happy with the way the issue is being handled. No one seems to care about our payment for the last five weeks”

The work study attracted over 150 needy students who were stationed at various places within the University.Daily, the students work for at least two hours yet they receive a weekly wage of 500 shillings.

While responding to their pleas, the Secretary General called on the students to remain patient while he follows up the issue with the respective administrators. “I ask all of them to remain calm. I have taken up the issue with the relevant offices and they will soon be paid their dues”

The delay in payments comes at a time when the University is allegedly facing financial crisis and mismanagement.



28th SGC In Coast For Induction By ALAL K’Alal

The 28th SGC yesterday morning travelled to Mombasa for a one week induction exercise. While in the Coast, the twelve students’ leaders are expected to undergo a leadership training that will equip them with enough skills to govern the union. Further, they are expected to be introduced to the Moi University administrative system in order to ensure cohesion and good relations between the Students’ Union and the administration.

Since the commencement of their term, most of the SGC members have shown total ignorance and naivety in responding to students plights and performing their constitutional duties, save for the Academics director. The trip, according to a section of comrades who spoke to the Legacy, may help the SGC improve on their performance and calm the developing tension and impeachment ‘song’  that has emerged as a result of their incompetence.

The trip, however, has also raised a number of questions from some students who feel it is not necessary. According to the students, the ‘induction’ is not timely and ought to have been done earlier. They also argued that the students’ leaders would serve the interest of their ‘masters’ at the expense of service to comrades. In the past, most of the 28th SGC members had cited lack of training as key to their eminent incompetency and subsequent failure.

Constitutionally, the term of an SGC is limited to an academic year; an equivalence of six calendar months.  Since elections were held, nearly two months have elapsed but the students are yet to receive service from their elected leaders. Most students are faced with a lot of challenges ranging from lack of mattresses to continuous and frequent power blackouts.

Can the induction serve to ensure power blackout is limited, exam results are released in good time, sanitation in the hostels improved, food quality in the mess is improved and the paths to D and C houses

murramed? With less than five months to the end of their tenure, there is no doubt that the trip does not serve the interest of the students but rather the office of the dean and the University administration.


Unlike the 27th SGC where, in the absence of all the students, a student was appointed to act at the capacity of a prime director (unconstitutional), the 28th SGC has left a power vacuum. No student has officially been left responsible should a crisis arise before the leaders come back. This means that students will be governed by the office of the Dean of Students, a constitutional provision that most students feel will serve to limit their freedom within campus.

According to the students, if such an induction were to be effectively conducted at this time, and without inconveniencing both the common student and the students’ leaders both socially and academically, then it ought to have been done within the University premises. This would ensure that students are served and the SGC members are also trained at the same time. It would also limit unnecessary financial expenditure. Unless it’s merely a tour for the SGC official, the visit to Coast under the umbrella of ‘induction’ is a waste of time and hardly got resources.

Inherent Tribalism ~ By CLIVE Olero

Isn’t it oxymoronic that everyone loathes tribalism yet everyone, by way of association, practice, identity, and belief system; seems to diligently cherish it? It really is seldom possible to clearly draw a line between tribalists and non tribalists. But one thing- congruent to common belief- is certain: there is some perceived elevation of status and pride that comes with leadership. Perhaps the problem lies Continue reading


If you do not like something change it. Change the way you think about it. We cannot have change without change. I can see, I can see it, I can see it coming not in the far future. This is my call – change – to the forthcoming SGC and the comrades who will bestow them the power to serve in those offices. It is just about three months since we voted the 26th SGC and a lot of questions and concerns have been raised by comrades. Other comrades have gone to the extent of presupposing the providence of the current SGC which should not be the case.

Foremost, to the comrades who cast votes, it’s my greatest desire that you carry this democratic right with a lot of caution while maintaining high integrity. Secondly, to those comrades who fail to vote remember that the ‘Bad’ leaders are sent to power by the ‘good’ people who fail to vote.  What’s more, the other comrades who are always in complain of poor leadership remember the vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and the terrible walls which imprison the common man – comrades. Another thing comrades need to know, let us vote for what one is going to do and not individuality as had been witnessed before. Let us not vote one because of his oratory skills! Always vote for principles and those showing potential of good leadership so that we may cherish the sweetest reflections that our votes are never lost.

To those who are aspiring to be in the next SGC, it is time you start sharpening your skills and put right your principles of good leadership, character and integrity. A have a good difficult task before you to win our votes. It high time that you begin to think catchy campaign slogans unlike those we are used to “vote for me” on a poster and hang it above the drinking fountains and wash rooms for it won’t work out for you next time we vote. Be prepared to respond to the following questions in your manifestos.

  • Why did you choose to run?
  • What would you do differently if you are elected?
  • How will you make a good chairman, Secretary General (or any other post) if elected?

My advice to you, don’t risk coming with unrealistic promises such as;


“if you vote me the director of academics, I will reduce homework and ensure all Fridays’ classes are eliminated so that your weekends starts on Thursday evenings.”


Thumbs up for the achievements by the current SGC in the sector of accommodation for at least there is hopes of new rooms next semester since the completion of wing B of hostel M. What is more; the MUSO cybercafé is up and operating.


The writer is a 2nd year, LMC

School of Arts and Social Sciences



To them who seek the  truth, no other object is higher in value .I have been at the peak of HELB politics and from this vantage point I have witnessed events unfold in my beloved ‘ main campus’. We should never be ashamed to approve or acquire truth, no matter what its source might be, even from characters far removed from us.

Truth be told, the MUSO chairman, should set his principles straight. Comrades are tired and will take no more of his wavering decisions. As much no permanent foes are made in politics, the ultimate get-together of Doghana and Dikembe has a lot to question. Unity stands at the pivotal point of leadership but the self-tagged Mr. President has joined hands with a team of self- proclaimed activists headed to Nairobi for a petitioning picnic.

Reality has dawned on me that at the end of rat race, all rats remain rats. Doghana wore a robe of pretence; he presented himself as a blemishes lamb of sacrifice, just to transform into the fiercest of the selfish wolves. ‘Mr. President’ should forget not the character is like a tombstone, it will be read even after the dirges and forget-me-not hymns have withered.

The team headed to Nairobi took little note of vital virtues. I wonder how such a big gender and ethnic imbalance would appear amidst top democrats. Comprising of ten students, five from the SGC and the other half sharing a common ethnic identity with the chief sailors of this capsizing ship!

I am not becoming petty and nagging, reliable sources affirm that the vice chancellor is currently in Nairobi, advocating for the loan. Breaking news has it that, the VC passed a message last evening to confirm the government had given funds to the high Education Loans board and disbursement process was ongoing. My concern is why should a group of ‘representatives’ still head to Nairobi, a counter flow of HELB ?

If this is some kind of an attempt to establish a political platform and mileage, comrades be ware Ksh. 120,000 has been spend for a petitioning picnic. All members of this wagon have proved themselves as defenders of impunity and malnourished of dignity. Even after getting cork assured beyond doubt that the VC had expressed our concern, our petitioners stood their ground to honor falsehood and achieve their egocentric desires in a futile trip.

Truth is told and trust is lost. A polite and humble appeal to comrades, as much as personalities are prone to change, ideologies and objectivity should forever reign.

The writer is 2nd year, School of Education.



I will use whatever position I have in order to root out hypocrisy. Democrats have strong moral values. Frankly, my moral values are offended by some things I see happen with our 26th SGC and we don’t have to put up with that.

The two principles have shown themselves indecisive. The two have betrayed the comrades by going against their ‘empty’ promises they made. This was evidenced in the meeting held in the administration block yesterday at 3 o’clock by the two Deputy Vice Chancellors and the two principles ‘Mr President’ and ‘main campus’ on the HELB issue which has become a tale around the campus. After the so called ‘Mr. President’ standing with comrades, he at last moments betrayed his ‘democrat’ virtues. After a committee of ‘petty petitioners’ was formed to go and petition at the HELB offices, it came out that Mr. Doghana who was opposed to it and proposed channelling of the proposed Ksh. 120,000 to religious clubs to help the needy comrades at the end, gave in to the demands of the so called ‘main campus’ and his group to travel to Nairobi for petitioning – a mission impossible, that is claiming to go and meet the Prime minister of the republic through a third party over the HELB issue.

Despite the fact that the two Deputy Vice Chancellors assurance to the two principles that the vice chancellor has settled the issue with government official and HELB offices and that the government has released the money to the High Education Loans Board, and the only thing remaining is disbursement which will be probably by next week, the two for personal interest pushed on to go to Nairobi to pocket the ksh.120, 000 to quench their thrust for money.

Dikembe who during his campaigns called himself ‘main campus’ with literal meaning of having comrades interests at heart – immediately after entering the office turned a betrayer to the comrades. He at first promised us to deliver a new constitution in the first month of his office service, which has remained a fairly tale. He promised to ensure the tendering transparency which i have always remained wondering if transparency is to own shops at the student centre and Soweto Chips Cafe. To add salt on a fresh wound, he boldly showed his personal differences with Mr. President in a meeting held in LT2 publicly before the comrades which is a clear indication of destined failure of the 26th SGC. How can the two antagonist work together for attainment of a common goal for the comrades? Otherwise ‘antagonism’ has obtained another meaning of ‘love for one another’, to allow the two antagonists to work together. To overcome our imagination; the two travelling together in one van to Nairobi…

I am sorry to tell them that comrades are sensitised and watch from a distance, seeing them fail. Woe unto them who will come from the trip to HELB offices and claim they have ‘petitioned’ for it.

The Writer is 2nd year, LMC

School of Arts & Social Sciences


The 26th SGC Election Results – Friday 17th February 2012

1.       Chairperson

Mr. Florence Doghana 1955 47.81%: Mr. Tobias O. Mirasi 841 20.57%: Mr. Aukins Moruri 573 14.01%: Mr. Kirong Shadrack 535 13.08%: Mr. Boaz K. Limo 93 2.27%:

SPOILT VOTES: 92   2.25%:   TOTAL: 4089

2.       Vice – Chairperson

Ms. Kurgat Getrude C. 2710 66.03%: Ms. Sandra A. Onyango 1271 30.97%:

SPOILT VOTES: 123 3.00%: TOTAL: 4104

3.       Secretary General

Mr. Seth O. Dikembe 2213 54.32%: Mr. Meshack Omega O 1428 35.05%: Mr. Migingo M. Newton 181 4.44%: Mr. Emmanuel Owour 96 2.36%:

SPOILT VOTES: 156 3.83%: TOTAL: 4074


4.       Assistant-Secretary General

Ms. Viola Yegon 1827 44.29%: Mr. Abdirahman Yussuf 1211 29.36%: Mr. Martin Kinyua N 307 7.44%: Mr. Omariba T. Dennis 300 7.27%: Mr. Jacob T. Maya 173 4.19%: Mr. Okumu Brian Mala 94 2.28%: Mr. Muthama Felix M. 78 1.89%:

SPOILT VOTES: 135 3.27%: TOTAL: 4125


5.       Director of Finance

Mr. Joel Ole Nakola 1984 48.30%: Mr. J Bii Kipruto 740 18.01%: Mr. Erastus Munyua 733 17.84%: Mr. Athanas L. Mbogho 245 5.96%: Mr. Stanley Kipchumba 240 5.84%: Mr. Otieno S. Randiga 105 2.56%:


6.       Director of Academics

Mr. Titus Mururu 2097 51.11%: Mr. Majoni C. Polycarp 1196 29.15%: Mr. Abuor Moses Imo 714 17.40%:

SPOILT VOTES: 95 2.32%: TOTAL:   4103

7.       Director of Security & Accommodation

Mr. Enock Ogega  1569 35.39%: Mr. Edward Mwashighai 1285 28.98%: Mr. William Too  987 22.26%: Mr. Nyabuogi O. Fredrick 145 3.27%:

SPOILT VOTES: 149 3.36%:  TOTAL: 4434


8.       Director of Health

Ms. Nenunge C. Pauline 1699 41.30%: Ms. Patience Claire 1490 36.22%: Ms. Mary N. Thairu 844 20.42%:

SPOILT VOTES: 81 1.97%: TOTAL: 4114


9.       Director of Catering

Ms. Grace N. Kariuki – Unoppossed


10.    Director of Entertainment & Communication

Mr. Kyalo M. David 1320 32.20%: Mr. Charles O. Okumu 960 23.42%: Mr. Walter Kochei 475 11.59%: Mr. Duncan Ombeche 457 11.15%: Mr. Omondi O. Dennis 266 6.49%: Mr. Nicholas Kariuki 258 6.29%: Mr. Kevin Oundu 130 3.17%: Mr. Derrick Gakuu 112 2.73%: Mr. Nyawanda C. Paul  17 0.41%:

SPOILT VOTES: 99 2.42%: TOTAL: 4099

11.    Director of Games & Sports

Mr. Aduke Maxwel 1791 43.47%: Mr. Hillary Chemjor 1300 31.55%: Mr. Onkoba Job Onkware 411 9.98%: Mr. Khavuchi O. Abel 261 6.33%: Mr. Stanley Kimuge 256 6.21%:

SPOILT VOTES: 101 2.46%:  TOTAL: 4120