Shun Not Your Jigsaws


Everything gets quite promising at times. That’s when it gets interesting playing life-pianos in the best rhythm ever, not worrying about everything and entirely anything. Though all these sound awesome, it’s equally easy to mess around with everything and end up zeroing all your points of smartly-worked work.

Getting to purely succeed in a scheduled mission indicates that you are dwelling on an issue more than the others. That’s it, try and see the inner most circumstances that you get yourself into in order to achieve whatever you intended, you’ll always get some other significant things coming up that you can’t let pass for another day and time.

We nearly get every reason to think in a pessimistic way when all that we literally produce is…well, let’s say always quiet smooth. Don’t deduce from this that you shouldn’t be in any way optimistic, you should, only when you need to. Cling along, getting you somewhere that you ought to be, to get enough of what you should be having already.

Am keeping in line with this, not surpassing boundaries if there exists any. Making right the faults we make aims at lessening the situation, not getting it to an even worse spot. It’s an experience handling our own problems in ways that move us to gunner positives from our tactics. We don’t need to get through hell with problems, only that if we never face them, then we’ll never get a clear way on how to solve them. We must walk in the mud to see what happens if by any chance we get stuck.


Getting yourself to enacting some other person’s tactic for them to solve your problems can’t be any worse than what I can think of. They may have worked for them but that isn’t a guarantee that they will work out the nuisance you’re dealing with. If you have to live your own life the way you want to, try and have your own ways to factorize the complications you have.

Wise, I can say, when we handle our issues philosophically. You’ll hardly get anything that will pull you down. If you fail in something, there always exists that particular excluded one that you did well in. Keep in mind, it will bring you back to your true self in some way. So don’t try changing something that’s realistically out of your capacity, that’ll only make you feel like a failure.

Be keen and handle yourself maturely. Your actions should be mature, so should your decisions be. If you try to evade problems but they are always so courageous to follow you everywhere, then I guess the problems have a problem with you. Be bold enough to face them and act more like your age but not your shoe size.

Getting solutions to problems may only be meaning getting the problem in a much complicated manner, the same manner we have our results when we make solutions of substances. Open up your mind, don’t get afraid to think…think, there’s always a way to make it work out in your own choice. Don’t get the whole solution, fish out what you need from it, that’s what will handle your problems.



Stand With Comrades Living with Disability


Moi University has various students’ organizations and associations with varying objectives.  From county associations to school organizations, these forums are pivotal in addressing various issues both within and without. MUSDO, Moi University Students with Disabilities Organizes, is one such organization that brings together people living with disabilities.

The Organization is an umbrella under which students with various disabilities find shelter. Despite being a vulnerable group, their efforts to rise up to various tasks within the university are evident and goes a long way to justify the phrase that ‘disability is not inability.

Willice Ngeso, the current Assistant Secretary General is a beneficiary of the unwavering dedication with which this organization approaches students’ leadership. It can be recalled that in the last elections, Ngeso garnered the highest number of votes cast.

While it can be assumed that historically, the post of Assistant Secretary General is perceived to belong to MUSDO, unknown to many, the organisation has always approached the elections with equality. A determination to contest like any other student, not as people with certain impairment. ‘I presented myself to comrades as Willice Ngeso. My desire to serve comrades was not pegged on my disability. It should be understood that while we may seek special treatment in some cases, we are capable of competing normally’, he said with a smile.

There has been a general concern that a special post should be constitutionally created in MUSO to accommodate students with disabilities. It is a fact that this group is faced with various challenges including but not limited to discrimination and access to various facilities, social or educational.

Unlike many organizations, MUSDO may not have an independent ability to organize all activities.  Such facilitations must therefore call for the intervention of concerned people. This can best be achieved by the efforts of a constitutionally empowered director. “The office of the secretary general is not set aside for MUSDO, it has only been lucky enough that Mwanza and I have won. I think that there is need for such a post,” he pointed out.

In his efforts to sensitize the whole comrade society on people living with disability, there will be a workshop today under the theme ‘Hujafa Hujaumbika’. This event will bring on board different speakers with an object to create awareness. ‘It is a forum that will objectively sensitize comrades on people with disabilities. It will address both the plights and strengths of MUSDO with the whole intention of improving our interaction with people. We welcome all comrades to the event’, he said.

The Legacy publication wishes to echo the MUSDO call to the whole students’ body to attend the workshop. Let’s stand with people living with disabilities.


We Remain Unbowed


Whatever happened to being brave? We no longer have the likes of David in this scenario I am not referring to just any other David, I mean King David father of the wise King Solomon, David who conquered Goliath, despite his gigantic size. True better be safe than sorry, but at times we tend to overdo things without considering other factors at hand.
Negative perceptions and pessimism always wins if don’t believe in ourselves, Positive mind Positive vibes is the key to win over fear. Fear wins when we allow it to consume our minds it destroy every, little courage we have left. Insecurity is a matter to be taken seriously in fact there is no person that can guarantee 100% absolute security.
When the Moi University Administration assures the students fraternity and the community within that they are doing everything within their powers to ensure security is in check let’s not be pessimistic about it instead be optimistic knowing that no one can guarantee security but at least they doing something about it.
Packing our belongings and going home is not the solution, yes it may be but a short term solution. Lets support them, feed them with information when necessary, salute to the policemen and women, security guards vigilante groups (green men and women) who are working tirelessly to offer security your doing a great job don’t give up on us because we are surely depending on you. I would not forget the brave courageous students whom have remained behind not shaken but cautious I admire your bravery.
As for those wishing and willing to harm us, may their plans fail. We won’t be intimidated by their cowardice acts, we shall overcome these trials and tribulations and be free of terror. God is watching over us, it is well, it shall be well.

Moi University At 30 Part III By SARATI Richard

Thirty years ago part of a wattle forest was cleared to pave way for an institution of higher learning. This institution boasts of being located in a rural area. It is not interfered in any way by the busy noisy urban environment where most of the other higher learning institutions are located. Natural resource courses would be offered in a real natural setting. That was what was envisioned by the founders of Moi University. This is the only university in Kenya that began from scratch i.e. by an Act of the Parliament, following The Mackay’s Commission on Education sector reformation. Moi University is one among the several projects in the Education sector that were implemented along with the 8.4.4 education system.

The university may never live to achieve all the recommendations made by The Mackay Commission. These include Kiswahili being the language of content delivery and offering courses in Natural and Environmental Sciences. However, it still remains to be amongst the very few universities that has a vast acreage of land. This land is rich for farming and scenic. The built up section of this land is a very small percentage compared to the underutilized one.

In utilizing this land, the university can engage in the now robust tourism industry. It has the scenery. The waterfall in itself without any modification is a resource. Over 95% of the students visit the Falls at least twice in an academic year. It is also estimated that over 60% of the University staff and one time visitors of Moi University have been to this waterfall. Dwelling on these statistics, Falls receive over 100 visitors weekly. All these visitors go to admire the water falling, relax on the rocks, take photographs, and hold picnics among other leisure related activities.

To the enterprising ones, this is a business opportunity. The university can use this underutilized natural landmark as a step. The grounds near the waterfall can be landscaped and a sport resort set up. The students and other visitors can play games here. When tired, they buy food at this resort hotel. There will no longer be incidences of visitors to Falls being rained on. From the look of things, one of the Messes is running at minimum capacity. In other words, it has been running on losses.

Let the university see this and avoid embarrassment, deploy part of this Mess staff to that resort hotel. This will happen only the administration learns to utilize the available resources. It happened with the setting up of Elimu Millers. The mill was set up to utilize the loads of cereals that was going to waste. This mill is earning the institution revenue and reputation.

The community is waiting for that time when they will see a sign post beside that of Moi University at Cheptiret junction reading: Elimu Resort Hotel. Under it: Hotel, Waterfall, Rock hiking, Amusement Park, Nature Trails. This is when the university would have at least honored its first students who were all studying natural resource based content and teaching staff lecturing them on the same.

Moi University @ 30 By SARATI Richard

With the vision 2030 in the horizon, Moi University Main Campus is surely a flagship institution. All the pillars holding this national vision are well represented in this campus. None has been left to the national government. Here the vision 2030 is rapidly being institutionalized. In fact the institution is celebrating 30 years of existence.

The social pillar hoists us far above the neighboring campuses, if any in the 50 kilometer radius. Our accommodation and other social amenities reflect that of the capital city, Nairobi. From the plush Houses to congested hostels like Soweto Apartments, we are an urban centre. The Barracks and Upper Hill are in a class of their own. Staying in some hostels like H, J an M you only need to buy maize meal. 90% of the residents are either hawkers, shopkeepers, grocers and even beauticians. That we drink the same water, breath same air and even feed the same species of cockroaches are the few things that make us equal.

Get to the Houses and you will always have companions on the way to the morning classes. The wide hoofed cattle, 1980 Massey Ferguson estate tractor, herdsmen and mud washed sheep all travel in the same direction. The estate tractor is an early bird, loaded with spilling household waste covers the narrow rain loving road. Cattle with sagging udders emerge from the dispensary road like kindergartens joining the main road to the muddy K – students Centre pavement. They walk slowly pulling and chewing on the roadside grass. Obliviously unaware of the damage their hooves are doing on the only road to the houses. The road behind them is a real vegetable garden ready to grow with the most needed ‘sukuma wiki’. Watered by the previous night’s rain, manured with cow dung, the vegetables will surely germinate and grow. This is a countryside campus turning 30 and embracing vision 2030.

In technology, WIFI is the in thing. We are digital. The Margaret Thatcher Library is getting connected even the books are flying away from the shelves to the sky and becoming E-books. We can now access online journals, e-books and other resources at the click of a button. The old time Student Centre googled for sometimes and died off. Maybe it will resurrect when Moi University turns 31.

Hostels are booked online and signed in analogically. All schools’ offices are networked and now they are hotspots. Hostel J can even receive a stray signal from the School of Human Resource Development. Ngeria hostel, being sandwiched between the Schools of Engineering and Physical and Biological Sciences is our replica of if not the next Konza City in the North Rift.

We Can Do All Things By OMONDI Joan

Who says  we cannot do it all? We become  so unfair to ourselves most of the time.We are our own enemy,we are filled with so much negativity and we have come to a point of believing that nothing good  comes out of us. I spent most of my life hiding in a shell because I had not known the value in me.The worst thing a person can do to oneself is to compare themselves with others. I often viewed other people as much better. It took the intervention of God and my friends to get me out of this dangerous zone though I was a hard nut to crack. I came to a point of realizing the potential that lay in me.

I am writing this for the people who are faced with the similar situation. Life can be so empty, purposeless and without meaning when people fail to discover the value in them. Such people always walk around in despair and frustration, they hurt inside and this can have a damaging effect on the individual. If you are in such a situation, worry not, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The first step is that of self evaluation. This entails knowing oneself,  your strengths and weaknesses, fears and confidence. Major in your stenghths and shine in them . Go ahead and face your fears, this requires one to get out of their comfort zones and do that which they neither want nor think they can do. Have a positive attitude and be optimistic, never quit just hold on even when there seems to be no hope.

As you endevour to do this, surround yourself with people who are positive. Avoid  people with negativity and non supporting parties because not everyone has your best interest at heart.Where there is a will there is a way, this is very true. You can do anyhthing that you desire. The big question is, what do you want?  What would you want to accomplish in this life? Once you have established it, go ahead and do it, never hesitate. It is very true that our ability  to become successful is directly propotional to the amount of  insecurities that we are willing to take and how willing we are to face our fears. Let fear not be a hinderance towards achieving our goals but let it be a motivating factor that steers us forward until we realize our success.

We are like butterflies in this life, it is so hard to believe that the beautiful butterfly evolved from the ugly caterpilla.We also have the potential to evolve from grass to grace and become the source of envy and admiration from everybody.You can conquer your fears and limitations.The process is however long and it requires persistence, tolerance and determination.

One ought to be self driven and believe in themselves that they can conquer that which they want to.

I hope that after reading this article you will see the light and be willing to take the risk to sail towards your goal, vision, desire and dreams. Remember that each individual can either make or break their life. So make the corrrect choices.


Message to the incoming Leadership The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students

From The Chairperson ANANGWE Victor
It has been a wonderful and glorious moment serving as the Managing editor of The legacy Moi University Publication for one academic year and as the chairperson for a period of two academic years. It has been a pleasure interacting, training and mentoring many campus writers in realization to their career and passions. Continue reading