Shun Not Your Jigsaws


Everything gets quite promising at times. That’s when it gets interesting playing life-pianos in the best rhythm ever, not worrying about everything and entirely anything. Though all these sound awesome, it’s equally easy to mess around with everything and end up zeroing all your points of smartly-worked work.

Getting to purely succeed in a scheduled mission indicates that you are dwelling on an issue more than the others. That’s it, try and see the inner most circumstances that you get yourself into in order to achieve whatever you intended, you’ll always get some other significant things coming up that you can’t let pass for another day and time.

We nearly get every reason to think in a pessimistic way when all that we literally produce is…well, let’s say always quiet smooth. Don’t deduce from this that you shouldn’t be in any way optimistic, you should, only when you need to. Cling along, getting you somewhere that you ought to be, to get enough of what you should be having already.

Am keeping in line with this, not surpassing boundaries if there exists any. Making right the faults we make aims at lessening the situation, not getting it to an even worse spot. It’s an experience handling our own problems in ways that move us to gunner positives from our tactics. We don’t need to get through hell with problems, only that if we never face them, then we’ll never get a clear way on how to solve them. We must walk in the mud to see what happens if by any chance we get stuck.


Getting yourself to enacting some other person’s tactic for them to solve your problems can’t be any worse than what I can think of. They may have worked for them but that isn’t a guarantee that they will work out the nuisance you’re dealing with. If you have to live your own life the way you want to, try and have your own ways to factorize the complications you have.

Wise, I can say, when we handle our issues philosophically. You’ll hardly get anything that will pull you down. If you fail in something, there always exists that particular excluded one that you did well in. Keep in mind, it will bring you back to your true self in some way. So don’t try changing something that’s realistically out of your capacity, that’ll only make you feel like a failure.

Be keen and handle yourself maturely. Your actions should be mature, so should your decisions be. If you try to evade problems but they are always so courageous to follow you everywhere, then I guess the problems have a problem with you. Be bold enough to face them and act more like your age but not your shoe size.

Getting solutions to problems may only be meaning getting the problem in a much complicated manner, the same manner we have our results when we make solutions of substances. Open up your mind, don’t get afraid to think…think, there’s always a way to make it work out in your own choice. Don’t get the whole solution, fish out what you need from it, that’s what will handle your problems.



We Remain Unbowed


Whatever happened to being brave? We no longer have the likes of David in this scenario I am not referring to just any other David, I mean King David father of the wise King Solomon, David who conquered Goliath, despite his gigantic size. True better be safe than sorry, but at times we tend to overdo things without considering other factors at hand.
Negative perceptions and pessimism always wins if don’t believe in ourselves, Positive mind Positive vibes is the key to win over fear. Fear wins when we allow it to consume our minds it destroy every, little courage we have left. Insecurity is a matter to be taken seriously in fact there is no person that can guarantee 100% absolute security.
When the Moi University Administration assures the students fraternity and the community within that they are doing everything within their powers to ensure security is in check let’s not be pessimistic about it instead be optimistic knowing that no one can guarantee security but at least they doing something about it.
Packing our belongings and going home is not the solution, yes it may be but a short term solution. Lets support them, feed them with information when necessary, salute to the policemen and women, security guards vigilante groups (green men and women) who are working tirelessly to offer security your doing a great job don’t give up on us because we are surely depending on you. I would not forget the brave courageous students whom have remained behind not shaken but cautious I admire your bravery.
As for those wishing and willing to harm us, may their plans fail. We won’t be intimidated by their cowardice acts, we shall overcome these trials and tribulations and be free of terror. God is watching over us, it is well, it shall be well.

Cheerio Mama ~ By MUKAMI Nyaga

The Late Prof. Wangari Maathai

The pain is too much and unbearable to lose you Mama. There is a cry everywhere, from mankind to the wild animals, trees to the rivers. All of us are mourning your death, because you gave the trees a chance to stand still and be proud, the streams and the rivers to flow gently down the cliff. Child of the universe, no words can be enough and exact to describe you. You are a rare jewel in this world. Your death was met with outpouring grief and sympathy in most of the powerful people and the offices; the Obama’s, the  Annan’s, the  Clinton’s, the Mandela’s, the Tutu’s, the Sarkozy’s, the Moon’s…


You have left a legacy of being an exceptional woman. You had unwavering engagement and the commitment for social justice. You are an outstanding citizen, who answered the plight of the environment, a true champion for democracy, human, rights and the environmental conservations. We will remember you for the courage in seeking justice, conservation, equality and fighting corruption and impunity.

You paid a heavy price for the courage that comprised beatings, harassment, torture, public mitigation of the ruthless dictatorial regimes. Despite all, you led inspiration and daring meeting for your gift of refuge to the poor who could not afford a living.

Your tears from the exploded teargas, your blood immersed at Uhuru Park. Your disarming smile in midst of the deadly confrontations; you did put yourself in the line of fire, led inspirational and daring meetings, eventually you succeeded.

Your tireless efforts, the love and advocacy for a green environment, the commitment to the human rights, made you an eminent icon across the globe: The Green Belt Movement spoke of your global concern.

You won through the power of the will to succeed, a woman of distinction and that is why you are Nobel Laureate, (the most prestigious award in the world). Though to a large extent, we let you down as a country, only embraced you after the world strongly accorded you the rightful place in the society. We promise to foster a sense of responsibility and make your dreams of seeing a green Kenya become true.

With your death, the flags of peace, democracy and sustainable development are half mast. Who will follow your footsteps? We will remember you for your untold fortitude, principles and sincere love for the fellow mankind and the environment. The greatest gift we can give is to begin caring for the environment.

It is with much grief that we will have to say good bye to a great woman, mother, leader, friend, inspiration to many across Africa. Your magnificent vision and the embodiment, surely no one can match you for you have left a legacy behind!

The Writer is a 1st year: School of Arts & Social Sciences, Social Work