Stand With Comrades Living with Disability


Moi University has various students’ organizations and associations with varying objectives.  From county associations to school organizations, these forums are pivotal in addressing various issues both within and without. MUSDO, Moi University Students with Disabilities Organizes, is one such organization that brings together people living with disabilities.

The Organization is an umbrella under which students with various disabilities find shelter. Despite being a vulnerable group, their efforts to rise up to various tasks within the university are evident and goes a long way to justify the phrase that ‘disability is not inability.

Willice Ngeso, the current Assistant Secretary General is a beneficiary of the unwavering dedication with which this organization approaches students’ leadership. It can be recalled that in the last elections, Ngeso garnered the highest number of votes cast.

While it can be assumed that historically, the post of Assistant Secretary General is perceived to belong to MUSDO, unknown to many, the organisation has always approached the elections with equality. A determination to contest like any other student, not as people with certain impairment. ‘I presented myself to comrades as Willice Ngeso. My desire to serve comrades was not pegged on my disability. It should be understood that while we may seek special treatment in some cases, we are capable of competing normally’, he said with a smile.

There has been a general concern that a special post should be constitutionally created in MUSO to accommodate students with disabilities. It is a fact that this group is faced with various challenges including but not limited to discrimination and access to various facilities, social or educational.

Unlike many organizations, MUSDO may not have an independent ability to organize all activities.  Such facilitations must therefore call for the intervention of concerned people. This can best be achieved by the efforts of a constitutionally empowered director. “The office of the secretary general is not set aside for MUSDO, it has only been lucky enough that Mwanza and I have won. I think that there is need for such a post,” he pointed out.

In his efforts to sensitize the whole comrade society on people living with disability, there will be a workshop today under the theme ‘Hujafa Hujaumbika’. This event will bring on board different speakers with an object to create awareness. ‘It is a forum that will objectively sensitize comrades on people with disabilities. It will address both the plights and strengths of MUSDO with the whole intention of improving our interaction with people. We welcome all comrades to the event’, he said.

The Legacy publication wishes to echo the MUSDO call to the whole students’ body to attend the workshop. Let’s stand with people living with disabilities.



Bill: The Constitution Is Underway

By ALAL K’Alal

Moi University Students’ Organization (MUSO) Secretary General Oliver Bill has reinstated that the long awaited constitution is underway.Bill urged the students to remain patient and provide support whenever they are called upon to participate in the review process.

Speaking to the Legacy, the Secretary General said the constitution review strategy has already been rolled out and that all the stakeholders should support the move. “The strategy is already outlined. The process is underway and all students are urged to participate. I will accept ideas that will help us have a comprehensive constitution that is free from manipulation”

He said the constitution will be a landmark towards liberation of the union and making it an independent entity where the students are ‘self-governed’ “The constitution will bring to an end the enslavement that we have been subjected to since 1984. It will be the turning point towards the realization of our long awaited liberation”

Further, he stated that his office is committed to serve the interests of all the students and deliver them from the yoke of bondage.

The Secretary General lamented over the current constitution saying, “It does not meet the minimum threshold of any legal document beneath the sky” Bill’s commitment is likely to rekindle hopes in students who already had fading hopes after consecutive disappointed from the previous regimes.

Previously, students have been left waiting for the constitution without any success. To date, there are at least four unsuccessful constitutional drafts from the previous governing councils. The constitution, should it be delivered, will be the greatest contribution of a student leader since the establishment of this University.

Work Study Yet To Be Paid

Students who have work study programs within the University are yet to be paid their wages for the services that they provide. The students have had their payments delayed for the last five consecutive weeks despite reporting for duty daily.

Speaking to the Legacy, a section of students who have not been paid expressed their anger at the manner in which the administration is handling the issue. “We are not happy with the way the issue is being handled. No one seems to care about our payment for the last five weeks”

The work study attracted over 150 needy students who were stationed at various places within the University.Daily, the students work for at least two hours yet they receive a weekly wage of 500 shillings.

While responding to their pleas, the Secretary General called on the students to remain patient while he follows up the issue with the respective administrators. “I ask all of them to remain calm. I have taken up the issue with the relevant offices and they will soon be paid their dues”

The delay in payments comes at a time when the University is allegedly facing financial crisis and mismanagement.


Let’s Dress Professionally

By ALAL K’Alal

Indecent appearance has come to characterize the dress pattern of many students on the campuses of higher learning in Kenya. There is hardly any higher institution of learning in this country that is not faced with this nauseating problem.
The way students on these campuses of learning particularly, the female ones, dress seductively leaves much to be desired. What the ladies call skirts are just “one inch” longer than their inner dresses. When they put on such dresses, they struggle to sit down, find difficulty in climbing motor bikes as well as pick anything from the ground.
Although, there are no universally acceptable way or ways of dressing, dresses are meant to serve some definable purposes, country or region notwithstanding. Apart from dresses being a means for cultural identity, they are for ornamental or aesthetic purposes, for protection of the body against harsh weather conditions as well as for covering the intimate parts of the body.
Students of Moi University are not an exception; there is a serious concern on the manner in which students dress. The way we dress should serve a purpose and show professionalism. But as important as these purposes are, they have been defeated by the generation of Kenyan youths, and especially the University students.
In this campus, I have seen teachers dress like they are going for a beauty contests; journalists dress like they are going for a drinking spree and entrepreneurs as if they were to attend wedding parties. Some modes of dressing do not only view our personality in bad light but are also a justification of the moral decadence that University students have been associated with.
Indecent dressing even though is not accepted as the normality, is seen to be gaining ascendancy. One then wonders what becomes of the society tomorrow with the caliber of students that are being trained. The terms-decency and indecency-have so much to do with the morality of the individual person and as judged by others. A dress is said to be indecent when it has provocative or stimulating influence on almost all those that happen to view it on the user.
It is any outfit that shows too much skin. It can also be said to be the attitude of someone, male or female that dresses to showoff parts of the body such as the breasts, buttocks or even the underwear particularly those of the ladies that need to be covered.
This exposure is obviously a deliberate act to look sensuous, tantalizing and stimulating so as to draw the attention of the opposite sex.This form of dressing is provocative, improper and unacceptable. These dress patterns are morally offensive and reveal the high rate of moral decadence in the society of our time.
It isn’t enough for students to graduate with basic and advanced skills. Society expects us to be committed to capitalism and democracy, to hard work, honesty – and to dress appropriately.
Putting on slippers to lecture halls is also an injustice to professionalism.

Finally my will is out ~ By ANANGWE Victor

It has been a pleasure being in this universal school of higher learning; another universe that harboured my next generational pin-pops of life. I am proud, I have fought a good fight, I have won the race in many ways and lost in times of tag of war which has always been my lifetime game.
Many have reminded me as a senior counsel to clarify what am leaving for who and who is taking what to avoid commotion when I have left. I also want to state that I don’t own any child behind or to any unknown woman who may come late in my name. If there is one, raise your hand now.

But as I depart from this precious academy of humanical knowledge injector, Continue reading

…And The Whip Cracked- Legacy Reports

An ongoing lecture yesterday came to a sudden stop just a few minutes after commencing. The lecturer walked out of the lecture hall having being annoyed by a student’s behavior. He had for several occasions cautioned the students to either switch off their phones or put them on silent mode. It happened that a female student received a call just a few minutes after the notice. She was heard speaking and laughing loudly such that everybody’s attention including the lecturer’s was disturbed.

The lecturer ordered the lady to walk out of the lecture room or he does it himself. Thinking that it was a big joke, the lady just assumed and acted as if she was not the one addressed. To the surprise of the SAS 201 students, the lecturer walked out and gave a warning that he would take the matter to the disciplinary committee for intervention. He also added that he won’t resume lectures till the issue is settled.

The lady looked shaken while the rest of the students were dumb founded by this occurrence. Inside the lecture hall, splinters formed and this incident became the topic of discussion, with some siding with the lecturer while other on lady’s side. They argued that the lecturer did not deserve to walk out on all the students yet it was one among hundreds who infuriated him. One by one they all went back to their rooms angry, some agitated while others were glad that they got a chance to go warm themselves; it was raining.

We are good consumers of technology particularly advancement in mobile phones and other communication gadgets. Though most of us are much educated, we are still highly media illiterate. That is we do not respect the restrictions and usage of communication devices such as mobile phones. Even in churches and worship halls, you are likely to hear a wild ringtones: breaking of glasses, mewing of cats, pouring of water or a man whistling. Can we learn a culture of respecting other people around us? It is simple switch off your phone or put in silent mode when in lectures and places where attentiveness is needed.

Yesterday’s event will form an example to all the 2nd year students of the School of Arts & Social Sciences.

        Legacy Reporter

Proud to be in MU Main ~ By Nahashon THEURI

This higher learning institution with a difference has been recognized as the university that produces the best graduates so far. It is among the public varsities offering various disciplines provided in many of its branches nationwide. A leading media in Kenya (Nation Media Group) that was here last  Wednesday 22nd February, 2012 assuring the finalists that being a student was a golden chance of being the top in provision of employees making them proud. Simon Kigamba who graduated last year was also mentioned among others as institution’s products.

Addressing the students at chamber conference in administration building, Mr. Awino Opondi who is the trainee officer expressed his desire on behalf of the company of continuation sourcing the human resource from Moi University. He said that not only journalism but also other courses secure job opportunities in their company since it demands on its diversity. He cautions that they no longer recruit on beauty basis but the brain is what matters since the error of beauty/handsome without upstairs smartness is outdated. This will enable them to continue offering their quality services to the clientele. With branches across the nation, one can work in any: these include writers, cartoonist, editors, photographers among other relevant journalistic work.

Mr. Nemrod Tabbu mentioned that it only require the interest to be journalist adding that it may not be the wish for someone to a journalist but he or she finds himself working! “It a challenging job, but the benefits outweigh the challenges.” The Q FM radio presenter Mr. Ronny also urged the student to join media since it is enjoyable to chart, discuss economic issues, politics, and social matters with people all over the country.



The ‘Unusual’ Dream ~ By DOYO Mohammed

Last night, after a long day of searching for handouts and attending bouncing classes, I went to seep extremely exhausted and as they say slept like a ‘young child’. This was a special night.  Special in that I had a dream. Not the dream martin Luther had on black men nor the one Pius Muiru had of becoming Kenya’s 4th president but a special dream in which I saw myself as a chancellor of a world class university in one of the African states.

I could see myself walking along clean corridors all aligned with beautiful modern flowers. I mesmerized at the big post- modern hostel buildings that had taken less than 2yrs to complete. I then headed to the modern library the school had greatly invested in. I couldn’t help but smile on seeing the ambitious students browse on more than 500 modern internet connected computers. There were no queues of students waiting to have at least a chance on the computers. One student was opening the official university website, a website that is available at all times, updated and informative enough. The students wanted to search for his end semester examination results and on a blink of an eye, there they were! Results systematically and fully posted online. The student could not hide his joy on finding out that no exam marks were missing as is the case with some African universities! Now I could see the fruits of my hard work. At least I had kept the dean of various schools and lecturers on toes. Responsibility and accountability was part and parcel of my staff.

On my way out of the library, I met with the student organization chairman- Omwami Omusakhalu . He was delighted to express his gratitude on the way my administration handled students welfare. He categorically expressed how accountability; integrity, transparency and objectivity were the core values of the organization. He thanked my administration for listening to their views and implementing them without cases of victimization or threatening that have often clogged the relation between students’ organization and many university councils. As I parted ways with Omwami  Omusakhulu,   I couldn’t   help but imagine how often students are expelled indefinitely after engaging in strikes that can always be resolved. Administrations should learn the art of sitting at the table with student’s leaders, argue out diligently, weigh the pros and cons of any suggestion brought forward and implement the best ones upon reaching an amicable agreement.

I then decided to head to the lecture rooms. On my way there, I saw a campus newsletter that criticized the way lecturers were favoring some students. This article impressed me. I always had the audacity to welcome positive criticisms leveled against my administration, after all aren’t positive criticisms part and parcel of any institution that wants to grow?

As I passed the 1st lecture hall, a smile graced my face when I saw the eager beaver lecturer in full gears equipping the young brains with food for the brain. Every student was sited comfortably on their respective chairs keenly listening. The lecturer was audible enough and from the look on his face, Mr. Shang could handle perfectly the class of approximately 50 students.

Just then my phone rang, my son was calling! I could guess what the call was all about. True to my fears, here he was complaining more than ever on the poor state of the upcountry college that I had him admitted 2 years ago! Stinking  toilets, irresponsible subordinate staff, unfair lazy lecturers who like ‘bouncing’ classes, unjust and insensitive money-minded student leaders, deteriorating security that have left innocent students with nothing but axe injuries that will last a life time and missing marks that had become a common phenomenon every time  were released . These were just but some of the few complains his Ksh 50  airtime could allow! At this point I could really feel his frustrations. A young ambitious college student  who had  so high hopes about his new learning environment and to his shock finds out that everything   is a mockery of the ISO Certification the institution often prouds itself of!. I once visited the institution and was shocked to find  more dusty feeder roads there than my parents native village in lodwar!  One question was racing down my mind..’when will this institution adopt a strategy for positive change..2030 perhaps?

Tick tock, tick tock went the alarm. A new day was already here. I woke up. The class was to begin in an hour’s time. I hurriedly started getting ready but one thing was still bothering my 4GB brain,-the unusual dream! One hour later here I was matching to the lecture hall. Still I couldn’t help but analyze  whether there was any sense of realism in the dream. I wasn’t sure why I had to dream this way but I was double sure this was not just your so normal dream!

The writer is a 1st yr student in journalism and communication.