Stand With Comrades Living with Disability


Moi University has various students’ organizations and associations with varying objectives.  From county associations to school organizations, these forums are pivotal in addressing various issues both within and without. MUSDO, Moi University Students with Disabilities Organizes, is one such organization that brings together people living with disabilities.

The Organization is an umbrella under which students with various disabilities find shelter. Despite being a vulnerable group, their efforts to rise up to various tasks within the university are evident and goes a long way to justify the phrase that ‘disability is not inability.

Willice Ngeso, the current Assistant Secretary General is a beneficiary of the unwavering dedication with which this organization approaches students’ leadership. It can be recalled that in the last elections, Ngeso garnered the highest number of votes cast.

While it can be assumed that historically, the post of Assistant Secretary General is perceived to belong to MUSDO, unknown to many, the organisation has always approached the elections with equality. A determination to contest like any other student, not as people with certain impairment. ‘I presented myself to comrades as Willice Ngeso. My desire to serve comrades was not pegged on my disability. It should be understood that while we may seek special treatment in some cases, we are capable of competing normally’, he said with a smile.

There has been a general concern that a special post should be constitutionally created in MUSO to accommodate students with disabilities. It is a fact that this group is faced with various challenges including but not limited to discrimination and access to various facilities, social or educational.

Unlike many organizations, MUSDO may not have an independent ability to organize all activities.  Such facilitations must therefore call for the intervention of concerned people. This can best be achieved by the efforts of a constitutionally empowered director. “The office of the secretary general is not set aside for MUSDO, it has only been lucky enough that Mwanza and I have won. I think that there is need for such a post,” he pointed out.

In his efforts to sensitize the whole comrade society on people living with disability, there will be a workshop today under the theme ‘Hujafa Hujaumbika’. This event will bring on board different speakers with an object to create awareness. ‘It is a forum that will objectively sensitize comrades on people with disabilities. It will address both the plights and strengths of MUSDO with the whole intention of improving our interaction with people. We welcome all comrades to the event’, he said.

The Legacy publication wishes to echo the MUSDO call to the whole students’ body to attend the workshop. Let’s stand with people living with disabilities.



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