We Remain Unbowed


Whatever happened to being brave? We no longer have the likes of David in this scenario I am not referring to just any other David, I mean King David father of the wise King Solomon, David who conquered Goliath, despite his gigantic size. True better be safe than sorry, but at times we tend to overdo things without considering other factors at hand.
Negative perceptions and pessimism always wins if don’t believe in ourselves, Positive mind Positive vibes is the key to win over fear. Fear wins when we allow it to consume our minds it destroy every, little courage we have left. Insecurity is a matter to be taken seriously in fact there is no person that can guarantee 100% absolute security.
When the Moi University Administration assures the students fraternity and the community within that they are doing everything within their powers to ensure security is in check let’s not be pessimistic about it instead be optimistic knowing that no one can guarantee security but at least they doing something about it.
Packing our belongings and going home is not the solution, yes it may be but a short term solution. Lets support them, feed them with information when necessary, salute to the policemen and women, security guards vigilante groups (green men and women) who are working tirelessly to offer security your doing a great job don’t give up on us because we are surely depending on you. I would not forget the brave courageous students whom have remained behind not shaken but cautious I admire your bravery.
As for those wishing and willing to harm us, may their plans fail. We won’t be intimidated by their cowardice acts, we shall overcome these trials and tribulations and be free of terror. God is watching over us, it is well, it shall be well.


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