The Signs Of Ageing
By KAUMA Frank

It’s your time to speak and squeak
It’s your time to sip or drink with your beak
A political vulture, a goon to the peak
With ignorant excitement, to you all are weak
And when you rise to speak, the elders go sick

I was worst in my time, a young man’s search for fame
We hooted like hones, to the elders we were hard to tame
We opposed for the sake, just to be players in the game
Fast we were to speak; everyone to us was to blame
Shaggy hairs we kept, the bottles we drank to keep our flame
We thought ourselves the best, all was for our name

But nothing was to last, neither were we the first
All came to pass, old we grew too fast
The young men are at it again, our time to eat dust
They think us old, our mind never to trust
We speak of experience, they despise as past
Fine, it’s your time, but shall also come yours time to rust

One, two, three and four, that’s how fast we grow
And off the stage you will bow
A junior will mock your beards in their time to crow
Everyone with his time, be sure to taste the cow.


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