The Power of A Dream

When the young man from Vihiga County expressed his intentions to vie for the post of Director of Academics last academic year, very few comrades believed in his dreams. In fact, his approval ratings at the beginning of campaigns were low.

To those who gave him the benefit of doubt, all they could say was that time would tell.

Today, that humble man has proved the doubting ‘Thomases’ wrong and his approval ratings are possibly the highest among the other MUSO officials he was elected with.

He most likely is the ‘Erick Kinaga’ of the 29th SGC-the best performing Director of the previous Students’ Governing Council. The person is undoubtedly Edwin Gogo
His success has surprised many considering he took over office when a lot of students had issues with their HELB loans and the perennial missing marks.

The challenges looked insurmountable and the odds were obviously high. Amidst all that, Gogo managed to successfully sort out the issue about students’ loan.

Under his leadership, he ensured that the 2014/2015 academic year loans were disbursed on time and efficiently, and is focused to ensure that for the 2015/2016 is also handled in the same manner.

‘HELB’s next financial year begins in July and therefore comrades should check their accounts in mid July. I have realized some comrades applied for the fifth time which should only apply to the Engineering student. That is beyond my intervention but I talked to the HELB officials who assured me that for such cases, one has to talk to them at personal level.’ He says.

He takes pride too for managing to clear rumours about academic calendar. ‘I said comrades were to report back on 11th and it came to pass’

His leadership style has been people focused. He willingly and readily helped comrades who had financial issues sit their exams. Harambee’s were held to help the students who could not raise their fees. Students who also had problems with their green forms found help through him. An act that has never been witnessed from any the SGC directors in office.

School based organizations have been empowered under his tenure. Through Gogo’s intervention, ESA-Economics Students Association officials went to Nairobi to attend a business conference. Very soon, class reps will be getting small perks to cater for the airtime they use while coordinating classes.

The state of Lecture halls have also improved. LH1 is fitted with an operating PA system. All that is needed is the Class Rep’s signature at the Dean’s office.

Challenges have also come in equal measure. The number of students is high and therefore it’s not easy to sort out every comrade’s problems at a personal level. Balancing studies and serving the comrades is also a huge task to deal with.

‘I want to further my studies in the future. I want to be a Diplomat and therefore I will pursue a Masters Degree in International Relations’ he concludes.
By OGUTU gordon.


Edwin Gogo. The outgoing MUSO Director of Academics.


2 thoughts on “The Power of A Dream

  1. I really like this article.
    I have interacted with Edwin and i can tell he is a humble guy and deserves the best. May he achieve all his dreams.
    Go go MR. GOGO

  2. very true! i knw hw hard working ths Owefwe is! and above al he treats everyone equaly. ave knw hm 4 abt 4yrs and i am certain of hs kindnes to al

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