This is for my people who just lost somebody…put your hand way up high, we will never say goodbye. Mariah Carey’s hit song kept playing on my mind when I learnt of the death of our able president, the 26th MUSO chairperson, Florence Doghana PHD as he is known by many. It was hard to believe that Doghana transformed to that stale state where he could no longer smile nor utter the philosophies he believed in during his time. Reality has finally sunk home, he is really gone.

It is hard mourning the likes of Doghana. The shock of such a young soul and promising young man being promoted to glory makes it harder mourning Doghana. My community uses dirges in such scenarios. No tears are witnessed. I will not weep for Doghana himself never wept when giving his last respect to a fallen comrade. He could stand still next to the corpse make a gaze into the skies and utter the luo word ochame which directly translates to ‘it has eaten him”. I will use the same words; probably add a few more to it. Ker wa gini ochami (our president this thing has eaten you).

Let’s take the opportunity to reflect on the time we shared with the late. Death’s ugly head has made our beloved institution its frequent destination.

Questions have been asked yet with no response. His mastery of speech was admired by many. We concede that he was a great orator.

It will also go to the analogies of history that their once lived a student leader from Moi who used the term president to refer to himself. He stands as the only MUSO chair known to me to have clung on the tittle ‘Mr President’. He used the title during university official functions in the presence of the vice chancellor, the powerful chief academic officer, Prof Ole Karei (God rest his soul) and the chief administrator Prof Sang’. Those saw him remember his Agba clad.

I will live to admire your humility. I will not forget your last function at the student centre when you came back to dissolve your government. To me it seems like it was yesterday. Your handing over to the then SEC chair, the late chief Obilo Kobilo. It hurts to see you people dead. It hurts most for parents to bury their sons. As Franco puts it in his track Kimpa Kisangameni the sorcerers are here, they will kill all of us and there will be no one left to burry our parents.

As you go Mr President, know your parting has left a void. Your time seem to be too brief. I pray we do not lengthen it now with undue grief. Hurry home for you took His hand when He called you. Take our greetings to Chief Obilo, our dear sister Charity among other fallen comrades. Until we meet again, FARE THEE WELL MR.PRESIDENT.


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