Ebola is known to have spread from animals to humans according to the current research. It was recently presented in a new study as having originated from fruit eating bats to humans .It is one public heath catastrophe that has already cost more than 8,000 lives in West Africa ,let alone billion of us dollars that have been spent on the disease. New findings released recently during the Christmas season in the EMBO Molecular Medicine Journal reveal that the Ebola virus may have passed into its first human victim (a child) in Guinea from a small insect eating bat .

Other studies done in the past have also tried to look into the origin of the Ebola virus but have ended up with almost the same explanation.While this may appear like a subject for ongoing research, it still raises serious questions like; How safe are we with domestic and wild animals that are close to us?

What does the future hold in terms of health research and prevention for high risk counties, where bats and other animals are known to transmit viral diseases to humans are so prevalent?


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