The activity stated above commenced on 9th March, 2015 and comrades came out in large numbers to donate blood to help save a life somewhere across the nation. As the evening hour came more and more comrades filed in to do the noble task. Day two– 10th March, 2015 of this activity dawned and comrades responded positively. The activity has been scheduled to take place up to Friday this week.

In our quest to gather information about the activity, we interviewed Rolex Riziki who was in charge of the weighing machine

explained to us that for one to donate blood he/she should be weighing at least 50Kgs and above. He also considered that the ‘under weights’ that is those weighing 49Kgs and below should not donate their blood since it would cause them more harm than good. The problems they are likely to encounter include; interference with their blood system, they may obtain healthdisorders like chronic anemia, may experience dizziness and/or collapse and lastly the activity may affect the individual’s stability.

One of the nurses also confirmed to us that, after the collection of the blood samples, they are stored in the blood tanks where screening of the samples is done, thereafter they deliver the screened samples to the

hospitals. It is to their challenge that many people accuse them of selling out blood that is freely given. In their defense, the team

denied that it is not the case as they-The Red Cross Team- do their part then dispatch the samples freely. In addition to that, they also highlighted some of the challenges that they experience, they include; little or no support from the government in terms of funds and resources, working past recommended hours and travelling long distances to offer their services.

Comrades had different views . While some volunteered to donate blood and left enthusiastically others did not. They

expressed their views in such ways as; fear of the syringe while other could simply not stand donating blood. The fear of losingconsciousness and general weakness. Some of the interviews pointed out that some

comrade fear since they are not certain of their health status.

The activity will go on until Friday this week. Meanwhile comrades are being urged to voluntarily donate blood to save life.


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