When you discover the truth is a liar

You realize the greater the coldness the hotter the fire

The wilder the rhythms of romance the more precious the lyre

The fonder the heart the more the ticking clock makes it dire

Making the consummation of a dear one a quagmire

That a queen can leave a throne and bow before some poor sire

And a king can forfeit a kingdom and face a hell raised higher

Than a heaven that he could afford to hire before the mire

That some wild red flowers can thaw ice in a hard heart

While great treasure chests cannot move a weak heart

More like a concoction of a love portion in               unidentified quantities

Has never overcome the chemistry of affection between adorable entities

As their hearts try to strike balance between heaven and hell

The glimpse of heaven in their hearts still rings a bell

And angels sigh in ecstatic bliss when a prince loves a belle

While pouting demons set their motion for them to have a story to tell

Poor lovers are left in a maze…their hearts in a daze…it’s hard for them to be well

Spate of violent affection only ignites a war beyond their strength

Their tired hearts give up their time before their patience gains length

And their chance of becoming an aficionado blows away

Out of the blue the clouds gather and rains floods their way

As they drown in the melancholy of their tears

Courage diminishes and fear rules the universe in their spheres

When they realized what they believed in is a lie

That when they told one another they will never part

The truth and deception were not apart

And the poor soul feel the truth is a liar to their vulnerable hearts of heart

The Writer is a Second Year Student Pursuing   Technology Education.


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