Setting your feet to this well-known institution that is the mother of most scholars both those in progress and the alumni too, Moi University, one is welcomed by a live line up of trees along the tarmac road and a cold breeze of fresh air. Well, this gives an ideology that campus got the best healthy environment but is it logic? Is it always a reality that what we believe is what we get?

This is where congestion of every sort emanates. The so called best transport system in the area-the noisy systems’ engines ever catching the attention of many. The busy thwarting noisy façade of the business centre giving the well-off individuals a reason to never fall for the idea of shopping in this sullied and jammed markets. Imagine buying fish where dust is one of the added nutrients in it? Are we pigs or human beings? ‘Germs are not aware’ this is the slogan of many in a way of consoling themselves in accordance to the health. Does that really apply? Are we installing diseases into our ‘concocted’ bodies? Hah! May be we are going ‘digital’-our bodies acting like machines ever with breakdowns whenever a problem erupts.

The so called hostels welcome the scholars in an unusual way. Exactly; the resemblance of the cozy and comfy bedding exhibited in the online booking system. Is this the so called the superb lifestyle in the university? Is this the so called a place where one could just make his dream come true with the noisy, congested and wicked surrounding? The malodorous reek of the lavatories could barely psyche one to breathe. The corridors more of encouraging embracing as two comrades walk through. Is this the stress free life we had been yearning for? A squeezed room; double-decker bed with two chairs and two wardrobes. Imagine sending your friends out for you to dress! If this is what survivals for the fittest, then endure.

Night falls. Stillness and peace in this institution is past tense. Music and raucous fusses of the drunkards; stealing the calmness of the vicinity. Is this a practice zone for that? Is it a breeding ground for the immoral activities? The attires- gapes the mouths. The hairdressing styles-widen the eyes almost popping out. Is the same dress code applied at home? Are we going bogus and ersatz? Where is our sanity? Where is our sense of belonging to our so called traditional norms and standards?

Who will answer all the quizzes we have engraved within us for so long? Who is our next savior? All the same, we are the ones who create the problems. So, are we to solve them too?


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