What do you understand by the term integrity? How transparent are you in your work? Well, Moi University was fortunate to have the Launching of the Integrity movement club that aims at bringing up integrity students’ in the society. The movements’ major objectives are character building, promoting patriotism among the youth, encouraging the youths to be self directed, focused and responsible and enhancing student’s knowledge of ethics and integrity. The event was flowered by dignitaries including; senior assistant dean of studies, Mr. Awino, the legal officer North rift region, Mr. Richard Maina, Ethics and Anti- corruption commission, Mr. Isaiah Mwongela, programme coordinator transparency international, Mr. Omondi Juma The chairperson of MUSO and his crew among other distinguished associations executives, Boris Caleb Main as a pioneer of the movement and the student fraternity who attended the occasion. The school band greatly entertained the audience.

The event had been sponsored by the MUSO under the office of the secretary general, Mr. Safari. The message was clear and precise on upholding integrity as young scholars and Kenyan youths. The Dean of students, Mr. Awino, was the icebreaker. He touched on some issues regarding integrity before welcoming the facilitators. He also pledged his support in his capacity. He urged all students to join forces and fight corruption in all capacities; he also said that beaurocracy is among the main problems that initiate corruption. Furthermore he posed that students should come up with various ways and ideas to initiate better processes of curbing this pandemic in the institution. In addition to that he called for collective responsibility from students and leaders’ .The association should be in the fore front to establish integrity.

Mr. Richard together with Mr. Isaiah encouraged students to practice integrity in all circumstances. Mr. Richard shared his experience of his once suspension while he was a student in this particular institution and he learnt a great lesson out of it. He mentioned some instances in which students involve themselves in corruption e.g. through exam cheating. Furthermore, he highlighted the transparency in clubs and student leaders’ elections. Mr. Richard Maina has been a role model to many Kenyans as he has not been involved in any corruption cases. He was even ready to be detained because he did not want to bribe the traffic police.

As The Legacy Club, we had the privilege to interview the dignitaries from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Transparency International (TI). Some of the questions that we posed included; how committed they are in establishing a corruption free state. The EACC representative promptly answered that they have several programmes which runs from primary schools to tertiary level, whereby they target youths with the aim of instilling integrity from the grassroots.

They promised to have a follow up on the movement and to support it in various ways including, holding seminars and workshops, and having annual reports. Although the event focused on students they also promised to conduct a seminar with the staffs and non-staff of Moi University so as to eliminate corruption cases and instill integrity in Moi fraternity.In conclusion, they urged all individuals to take responsibility in order to better our nation and social living.

KenyaTukomeshe ufisadi, tujenge Kenya’.


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