I believe each one of us learnt the law of magnetism from High School. For instance it states, ‘like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other, that is, the North Pole and the South Pole. We are like magnets that attract what is good and noble and repel that is less important in our lives. You are the most

powerful magnet in the universe. You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than

anything in this world, and this unfathomable

magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts.

Every individual has his or her own thoughts. Some may think of ideas to put into practice that can

portray them as valuable people in the society. In

addition to that, some may think of what will create a negative effect in the society such as indulging into drug abuse, crime and other vices, while others may think of whatever good, whatever noble and

whatever important that can attract people to them. Most prosperous individuals in our world today are

successful because of their role of attracting people to their ideas. In the case of Bill Gates, he invented a Microsoft Operating System that has made work

easier in the Computer systems. He has become like a centre of attraction in that many people are using what he invented. His whole idea of inventing the Microsoft Operating System has portrayed him as the most powerful individual in the world. By

exposing the power in him, he has become a

billionaire. His magnetic field has increasingly

attracted many people who make use of his knowledge. Ask yourself as an individual, are you a magnet? How wide is your magnetic field?

To attract things that we love, we must transmit and show the capability of the inward power that we have and be ready to reveal it to the surrounding. You have an idea, expose it. Write it on paper. Say it in a public forum or meeting. Preach it. All in all, make the idea be active in the eyes of many. You are a magnet. You are more than you think. You have a powerful inward spirit that is undying to propel you to draw people near. People who see the good in you. People who can get fascinated and interested in what you do. You are a student, be a magnet. You are a lecturer, you are a magnet. You are a stuff member, believe you are a magnet.

You Are a Magnet

You are powerful

You are meaningful

You are magnetic

You are not septic.

You are both a North Pole and a South Pole

Your power is deep than the deepest borehole

You are a fighter

You can be brighter.

Just believe

And your power retrieve

And a magnet you are

And the beauty you are.

The Writer is the Editor-In-Chief in The Legacy.


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