On our clock of love

Be the arms that hold me in the court of time

When they judge us we will not be put to shame

Be its face for me to see how beautiful time can be

When the pendulum dongs let it chime like Christmas bells

…for us to make merry

Walk with me for us to realize that time is by our side

Cry with me for us to know how exquisite

ecstasy can be

Laugh with me for us to know how we can stretch paradise

Sing with me for our hearts to ride on rhythm to take us to harmony

Today I would like to be your man on the moon

We will have our intimate moon walk then

To dance in the iridescence of your eyes

….when they look affectionately

I want to be your flower stalk when they stalk you

The dew on the petal when they want your


The vase for you to grace when they wish to harbor you

I want to be your deep waters for you to anchor

The quiet blue sea for you to sail

I want to be your pendant of your golden chain

That binds me close to your heart…my paradise

Every time you will twang our guitar

I will be the wires that multiply notes like those of a harp

To show you how tight we are

Be the keys on our piano

To open our musical hearts to one another to sing love

My soul will always sing you a song

Forever on the corridors of time on my way to eternity

I will love you in a way that it will never end

Bathing on the fountain of forgiveness for my love to be immortal

Truly you are my gift from above

Let me be your play boy

That flirts with your mind, charms your heart

…and woos the tendrils of your soul

For you to be my play girl in this game of truth

A belle in my metropolis

Give me your heart and I will give it back to you

Better and best

For you are my Pandora box

That I opened and realized there is no turning back.


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