Why sacrifice for obedience if sacrifice begets disaster?

Death of wishes for the betterment of aspirations in a photo frame

And the portrait gathers dust in the catacombs of time

All future is gone to incarnate the dark past

If the better half of the answers is just a speck of the crescent

While all the other part of the moon is a big heavy tear hanging weakly

Why save laughter for tomorrow which holds empty promises?

Promises that fuels fire in the desert…burning the sand in an hourglass

And time flies away from the dune… that is me…a sphinx in its wake

As I wish for a diadem to rule my unruly self

Stumbling at every step on the precipice of this world

Makes faith stretch beyond the sight of the self righteous mystics

Who worship statues in big temples and rob glamour of hell…

As they paint themselves in that colour of fake greatness

That is why the gallery is full of selfish portraits

Why care to paint them any of them better, wasting the precious paint?

If my tears sear the shroud that covers my nakedness…

I pray to Heaven where the throne resides…to take my sorrow away

And weave me new garments of happiness

Angels who watch from a far as I mar my life with my blunt humanity

Hoping that I would conquer the stinginess of life with its alchemical commodities

Conquering self that is always selfish, minding the affairs of its own

If all I see is a grand handsome face on a mirror

Then I wonder what I do with life in this painful experience

For we must care less about looks, pleasures and smoky scenes in the night

Or we will come around to the place where it began

Screaming at the graveyard trying to wake the inevitable

While the heavens look defiantly at us…Reminding us of its warnings

That we seldom heed.


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