Though a four letter word, love has proved that it makes the world go round almost 90% of all the activities undertaken under the watchful eye of the sun revolving around love. It has a strong impact and affects more than the length of the word itself. Love comforts, cares, gives life, seduces, confuses, separates an even kills. Through love, generations have been born though still through this love generation has been destroyed too. Love has been categorized into different level, agape love, romantic love, kinship love and many more.

Whenever romantic love is mentioned some peoples’ tendons tremble with hullaloo!!! Emotionally, human beings love to be loved and cherished. They can give anything for the sale of love. We have had people who left their families just because they were searching for love. Selling all their properties for the desires of getting this love. A great number of people have even gone to an extent of getting rid of their precious life to prove out their love; all because they were denied an opportunity to be loved. Love! Love! Love!


Can one exist without love? Can one live without being loved in return? The answer depends on how you think love is to you. One of the worst hurts to endure is pain when you love and not be loved in return. Irrespective of where you come from or who your nursery teacher was, we all appreciate love in one way or other no matter how innocent we look or ignorant we are.

Neither can one prevent its growth nor uproot it once it has grown. I wish I could have known where love originated from. I could have advocated for its return. Love have made our life miserable or rather a drama full of tragedy where all of us are the main characters. Take care not to love where you cannot get love in return. Never entrust your heart with someone who is just in his or her way to another destiny but appeared to have pass via your heart


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