You and l can make a difference is a piece of idea that keeps on running through my mind from the time I came across you. How would it be if all could think and act on this piece? I imagine it would be a totally changed and amazingly different world from what it is today and what it was in the recent past. People have different abilities as well as ways to put them into practice. For instance, a poet maybe a writer or a performer according to their abilities they have. A poem writer might not be able to perform on stage but with the help of a poem performer all will be well. A performer of poems might not have the ability to compose a poem but with the help of a writer it becomes easier.

Most people do not realize that sharing of ideas brings in a chance of putting them into practice. You might have thoughts of starting a small business that may render you income but how to do it may be a problem. A friend might be having a different one from yours. When the two share these ideas a partnership will surely arise because as time goes by a lot of common issues will arise like the capital required, demand for what is dealt with in the business and many more. In that way, a very big difference or rather impact will be achieved in one way or the other.

It starts with you. Never let someone else to steal your ideas before you implement them. Do not let an opportunity of a life time pass you by. Luck knocks once. Use every minute like you have never used before and make a difference in any way possible that will impact you as well as those around you positively.

It does not itch once you to help someone. You were born alone but does not mean that you do not need others in your life. Appreciate help from others and also offer help when needed. You and I need each other to make a difference by dreaming and thinking big. Think about it and start making a difference today or rather right now.



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