Life’s Testimony; Battle With Sickle Cell Anaemia.

By Lukunga Berryl

To wake up in the morning is so obvious to most of us, it’s just about opening the eye and stretching out your hands to reach for your phone, but to me it’s a miracle. Just when am done with a night’s dream and I open my eyes to see another day, mine heart is speckled with traces of joy and gloom especially with the tormenting knowledge of hosting the sickled-cells in my blood stream.

Sickle cell anemia is a genetically inherited condition in which the red blood cell, which transports the oxygenated blood is deprived of its large surface area and therefore, not enough of this essential gas is fed to the body. Sadly, there is no permanent cure for this life threatening condition, save for some drugs that are used to keep the pain that it spits at bay.

As a young innocent but vibrant girl, I grew up with completely no knowledge of this giant in my life. I was a victim of joint pains that kept me out of school for so long. My mum though, seemed to be aware of it all but kept it away from me. She was persistent in seeking a cure at any cost but all was in vain. In all this she prescribed her love to me,and she never moved an inch away from me. Thank God for her special love.


Sometimes I sit down to reflect the far I have come because of God’s love. Tears of joy wash my otherwise frowned face when I get the reality of the victory that He has granted over this demeaning challenge. I hear of stories of those who die prematurely of this this disease. Young children, young boys and girls are called to glory just at the peak of their development, just when life is picking its real sense. And when the rainy season comes, the cold triggers the clogging of blood and the veins are blocked. What follows is an acute pain in the joints, the doctor tells me its ‘sickle cell crises’ and the dispensary beds has to be become my home.

But well, thank God for the gift of hope that He has planted in me. The hope and the belief that my life has a purpose that I must achieve. The pain has instead shaped me to endure the huddles that come my way. I just look past any challenge with hope of better tomorrow and trusting in God that my destiny is preserved beyond any challenge. Sometimes I feel like it is taking too long but I know it will take patience, I have to keep clinging to the cross for my God is not asleep.

This has been my life. So much I cannot do because of this. But do you realize how blessed and lucky you are? How I wish I had your flexibility, your freedom and health. What value have you added to your life given that God granted opportunity to be free? Remember it is not for granted that you are where you are, perhaps you have a purpose that you have never realized and it is best you go after it.


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