Trust No One

By ORDIA Akelo

When you hear of a rape case, the picture that will flash through your mind is that of a girl walking on a lone path a few minutes to dusk. She may have lost track of time while she was with friends or that might be the time she always walks home from wherever. Lurking in the shadows is a lustful man. His desire for the girl is evident by his wide longing eyes and his tongue, dripping with an insatiable desire for satisfaction. In no time, he makes his move and pulls the lady to the bushes.

A shrill scream and a short struggle later, his business is done. He pulls his zipper and disappears in the darkness. The girl will lie in the bushes till morning, if she is lucky. If she is unlucky, she will lie in a pool of blood, cold and lifeless.

We have been treated in the past to this scene. Back then, rape cases would make headlines and for a moment, the vice seemed to have faded away. Today, rape has taken a new form. It masks itself in friendship. A male friend you meet and strike a conversation with comfortably is the most unlikely candidate for rape. So you trust that even if he invites you over for some tea it will just be tea. Sadly, he will keep you in his room long enough until it is past curfew. Then, he strikes. I can only imagine how confusing and scary it must be.

Campus has an avalanche of characters. It is a representation of the wider society. In the wider society, it is no secret that we have rapists. It is very hard not to find one in our midst. You do not have to lurk around in the bushes, your identity sealed by the cover of night, as you lie in wait for your prey to be a rapist. Neither do you have to be one of those girls that lace men’s drinks with kahawa tungu and any other form of Viagra (although it is still debatable whether men can be raped). So long as you force someone to have sex without his or her consent, it is termed as rape.

My heart goes out to all the victims of rape around campus. Mostly ladies, I have not heard of men. However, we should be wise and careful so that we do not go through what they went through. The law is an ass. There is no way under the heavens that you will be able to defend yourself in the event that you are raped in a male hostel past visiting hours. Even if you were genuinely raped, your case will be dismissed immediately.

I say the 10 to 10 rule was put in the green book for a reason, this might just be one of them. Let us not put ourselves in compromising situations that may cost us so much in the long run. For your own good, trust no one. This is campus.


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