Obilo’s Final Send-Off

By ALAL K’Alal

Livinstone Otieno Obilo was laid to rest on Saturday in his rural home in Migori two weeks after he lost his life in a grisly accident in Nairobi. Over fifty students from Moi University Main Campus travelled and witnessed the final journey of Kobilo.

Seth Odongo (Dikembe Disembe), eulogized Obilo as a brave man who remained true to his words and was always committed to his work. Moreover, he appreciated the love Obilo had for education and stated that Obilo also had good friends.

The immediate former MUSO prime director noted that Obilo was a freedom fighter, a harsh critic incompetent student leaders and a man who always condemned the status quo. Bush note that while some students said that Obilo had failed the objectivity test, he still had the authority to influence their way of thinking.

Mwamburi Mwambeo Mwang’ombe, the chairperson of the 26th SGC, remembered Obilo for his support for him during campaign times. Then, according to Mwamburi, Obilo broke the boundaries of tribalism and supported him; a man from the minority.

The 26th SGC secretary general, Okeri, also lamented the death terming it untimely and sad. He remembered back in 2010when he rejoined Moi from a suspension and met two young and descent boys; Obilo and Dikembe. According to him, he introduced the duo into campus politics and taught them how they could remain relevant.

The current MUSO chairperson, Geoffrey Omondi, eulogized Obilo as a great brain who fought and spoke on behalf of the weak.

He lamented the demise of Obilo as one of the biggest lost Kenya has ever incurred. Omondi also presented a condolence letter from the head of department, communication, Dr. Ong’ondo, where they expressed their heartfelt condolences for the untimely demise.

One of Obilo’s friends, Omollo Komwandho, also lamented the death terming it ‘tough to believe.’ Omollo narrated his last encounter with Obilo on the evening before Obilo passed on. He said that Obilo called him to confirm his plans for the weekend and when he said he had none, Obilo sent him 1,600/-. Later he bought a bottle of Guinness but was unable to drink it at that time. Further, Omollo narrated his dream at night where Obilo bid him Good bye.

Obilo’s father, while eulogizing his son, thanked God for the life he had live with him and having given birth to him. In his painful remarks, he noted that life had not be easy for him after he lost his wife barely a year ago. According to the family, the death of Kobilo had made him lose hope in life since he is also elderly


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