Choose Dignity

By OLGA Omondi

It all starts in nursery school, where you go to school, as young innocent souls, our teachers, parents and guardians want the best for us. Yes, we all go to school to get education and train in different fields everyone prove to be ambitious with wonderful visions and dreams of serving people in different ways.

We all want to earn a living and live lavishly. Yes, we are advised to work hard and achieve our goals in life but what worries me most is what the world has become into, you attain your degree after working so hard during your schooling, they may say a degree is no longer important but sure there is no level of education that will ever be useless.

Education is meant to change our lives and it Is the ultimate key to a better life, without any single knowledge in an area no one would be able to progress, we all need that slight knowledge to keep on succeeding.

Searching for job after University has become hectic, we are subjected to “tarmacking”, in order to eliminate this, we need to be aggressive and utilize every single opportunity we get, be it the curriculum activities: games and sports, being active in clubs all these will make us realize our capabilities in various fields..

Let’s not lower our dignity for the sake of job opportunity, walk with your head so high because you are wonderfully made by God, don’t ever allow yourself to be abused at the expense of a job however desperate you might be, respect yourself first and respect will follow you.

Be a people of substance. Never lower your dignity for the sake of a job. This will create disrespect to you as well as fighting guilt, which is the most cumbersome war to fight..If you tend not to be lucky in the field of employment, open your eyes and mind. Be innovative, look for a gap in the society and achieve self-employment, many people have made it in history without necessarily being employed; you can be your own boss. Keep your hopes high and be optimistic. Choose dignity choose success.


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