The Directors Of Today


I joined Moi University during the times of Florence Doghana, Dikembe Disembe and , the late Obilo K’Obilo. It was a time when the campus political arena was saturated with ‘objectivity’. A director was a man to watch from far while a comrade, was an objective critic. The media-man was a mirror that was as ebullient as intrepid and although they had their flaws, sense was still vivid. Friendship was fostered but only to an extent that it was characteristic of the comrades’ interest. As a freshman, I was keen on the stories of Mwamburi Mwang’ombes’ reign and Doghana’s time as the president of MUSO and today as I look back, we have lost more than we have gained. ‘The toddlers,’ as Obilo would have said ‘have become a force to reckon with.’

I want to respect the decision and efforts of thousands of comrades who upon their own conviction, dare the queues to establish Students Governing Council. It’s our general knowledge that when this power is bestowed upon you, not all falls within your purview. All the same, the measure of what a director can or is able to do will always fall slightly above the day to day services that the students’ body deserve. It’s quite unfortunate that the abilities of the student leaders have been eroded with time.

The director of today is some proud man and woman who walks bouncing along the streets with less to think about than moneymaking. Today, unlike yesterday, the director is some fact less boy or a girl whose voice cannot extend beyond the walls of the university.

What happened to the heated debates on students affairs that almost all characterized the corners of this campus? Then, a group of comrades would coilaround the directors majorly to seek audience on matters that were commonly key and called for clarification.

Today, you walk around and see the director enmeshed within some hungry goons whose target is some soda and buns. The directors, out of their vivid incompetence, are obliged to supplement their inadequacies with instant satisfaction of these demands.

The goons and political orphans drink in merry unconcerned with our collective affairs. In fact, it’s becoming embarrassing for some of the few objective minds around to put these directors to task lest you be mistaken for a ‘turungi-ngumu’ hunter. Someone would criticize that the Dikembes and Doghanas were mean or quiescent but I must appreciate their objectivity, a leader only speaks when it’s necessary and opportune.

The director of today is however, an empty oratorwhose ability to tell facts is greatly malnourished by poor literal skills. So he walks around well-dressed but no content.

I am a worried man when the future of the campus politics and leadership is brought to surface. I once challenged the late K’Obilo that ‘the greatness that does not bear great- grandchildren renders change sterile’, but I now believe that they tried. I am sure that if being a campus director is a step in leadership, then no one will be mentored by any of our directors today.

Most of us may cite our motivation from the campus leaders of yesterday but unless there is a shift, no one will emulate the director of today.


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