Serving Comrades; Gogo’s Insight


Edwin Gogo was elected to the 28th SGC as the director of academics replacing his predecessor Edwin Ayoo who had been described by some as the most unnoticeable director. About 2 months later, it turns out that the only thing these two gentlemen can share is their first name, Edwin.

Well, it might be well to state that this piece is not meant to attack Mr. Ayoo. On the contrary, we wish him a peaceful retirement. He served the union. So he deserves to be respected. However, in trying to scrutinize the performance of the incumbent vis-a-vis their predecessors, sometimes the best way is to parallel the two to establish a comparative difference.

Despite the short period of time he has been in office, Gogo has done a lot. His first ever assignment as the director of academics was to take the helb forms that had been lying in the MUSO cyber to the Higher Education Loans Board offices in the Anniversary Towers within the first week in office. Then, he together with a delegation of other students visited the helb offices to pressurize for the release of the second semester loans. He also solicited for complaints from all students who had issues with their loan disbursement. And his efforts bore fruits. Students who had issues can attest to this.

In campus, Gogo’s tenure has witnessed an improved and/ or close to timely release of results. This is after he took a personal initiative to approach the Deans, Heads of Departments and Exam Coordinators from all schools over the delayed exam results. It may not be satisfactory but at least, it is good to appreciate and give praise where it is due. An improvement is far much better than stagnation. Change nobler than status quo. In connection to this, Gogo also helped a group of third year education students to get the chance to take electives (IRD 305, IRD 306, IRD 308) in the school of Human Resource.This is after they were denied owing to the fact that the classes were already full.

Gogo has also facilitated the installation of lights in almost all the lecture halls in the school of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Education and the School of Human Resource. In addition, the proposal to install a public address system in the school of arts and in all other the big lecture halls across schools has been approved by the SGC courtesy of Gogo. He pledges to increase sockets in the halls, and to put benches outside the lecture halls where students can sit while using the school wi-fi. He is also in the process to persuading the Library Management to add computers to the library.


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