Nothing to Smile About


Yet again, we bring to you attention dear readers the filthiness in the hostels. It is not lost on us the promises and pledges that punctuated the campaign speeches of aspirants in the last MUSO elections. Some of those aspirants made it to the SGC and are now directors courtesy of our gullibility to believe their honey-sweet manifestoes.

I remember in one of our editorial meetings, I had tried to convince my colleagues to vote Barille Guyo as he was –or looked like – security himself. And since the docket of Security and Accommodation is one, my ‘campaign gimmick’ also underscored the fact that Guyo could make a good accommodation director too. Yes, Guyo heralded better things as far as the general hygienic and security conditions of the hostels are concerned. At least, he convinced me so.

Today, many weeks after elections, Guyo has disappointed me. I am sure there are a thousand other students who believed in him and who like me are asking: where did the ‘physiquely’ assuring director and his good manifesto go? So much has already been said and written about the constant blackouts, lack of mattresses, poor hygiene, et cetera. And whenever such is mentioned, the director of accommodation is the center of attack. I will digress a bit. I will not attempt to critic.

Instead, I will call upon the good director in the humblest of pleas, to consider doing whatever he can to better the conditions of hygiene in hostels. I am particular with hygiene because, unlike blackouts and mattresses, it does not require any bureaucracies to clean the hostels daily. Moi University has employed more than enough locals whose work as janitors is to ‘caretake’ or simply take care of the hostels.

So, there is no excuse whatsoever for them skiving their duties for a week.

It is in public domain that the directors in the 28th SGC were the most ignorant in so far as their roles are concerned. Some genuinely admitted they knew nothing. Others feigned know-how but did nothing to show of it. Yet others blamed the administration for failing to induct them into the MUSO leadership, something that has since been done. We used to say they are still knew in office. We are not going to say that anymore. It is high time they did what they ought to do.


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