Not One Is Pretty Enough

BY MYA Irene

Have you ever been with someone who made you feel like you were not pretty enough? Or handsome enough? Someone who wanted you to change to something that you were not? It is horrible! You will do things to please him, things that you will regret and it feel it was never enough. You will try to change but they won’t find me attractive or pretty enough. When the relationship finally ends, you will be sad but mostly relieved. But then the damage will have been already done; your self-esteem lowered and I you will not the same anymore.

It may take you a while but you will later learn that there is nothing wrong with you. We are all normal human beings created in a certain way and you also have your flaws.Well, who’s to say one is pretty and the other is not? I mean, what makes them the judge of pretty? According to my religious beliefs, we are all created by the same God. He made us the way we are and everyone is special and different in their own way.

No one is pretty enough and no one will ever be. Someone might find you to be the most beautiful person in the world while another might only see the faults in you. You are either too tall for someone or too short, too big or too tiny. But there is someone who will appreciate you just the way you are. Let it also be noted that the moment you appreciate yourself, you are able to radiate the same energy to others.

Should we try to please everyone? Is it possible? I don’t think so! We are all different and everyone has their own taste in partners. That however does not mean that you go against the common morals in the name of being different.Hold your head up high, and be confident in who you are. Step out of your door every morning ready to give the world your best. Who cares what they say.


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