28th SGC In Coast For Induction By ALAL K’Alal

The 28th SGC yesterday morning travelled to Mombasa for a one week induction exercise. While in the Coast, the twelve students’ leaders are expected to undergo a leadership training that will equip them with enough skills to govern the union. Further, they are expected to be introduced to the Moi University administrative system in order to ensure cohesion and good relations between the Students’ Union and the administration.

Since the commencement of their term, most of the SGC members have shown total ignorance and naivety in responding to students plights and performing their constitutional duties, save for the Academics director. The trip, according to a section of comrades who spoke to the Legacy, may help the SGC improve on their performance and calm the developing tension and impeachment ‘song’  that has emerged as a result of their incompetence.

The trip, however, has also raised a number of questions from some students who feel it is not necessary. According to the students, the ‘induction’ is not timely and ought to have been done earlier. They also argued that the students’ leaders would serve the interest of their ‘masters’ at the expense of service to comrades. In the past, most of the 28th SGC members had cited lack of training as key to their eminent incompetency and subsequent failure.

Constitutionally, the term of an SGC is limited to an academic year; an equivalence of six calendar months.  Since elections were held, nearly two months have elapsed but the students are yet to receive service from their elected leaders. Most students are faced with a lot of challenges ranging from lack of mattresses to continuous and frequent power blackouts.

Can the induction serve to ensure power blackout is limited, exam results are released in good time, sanitation in the hostels improved, food quality in the mess is improved and the paths to D and C houses

murramed? With less than five months to the end of their tenure, there is no doubt that the trip does not serve the interest of the students but rather the office of the dean and the University administration.


Unlike the 27th SGC where, in the absence of all the students, a student was appointed to act at the capacity of a prime director (unconstitutional), the 28th SGC has left a power vacuum. No student has officially been left responsible should a crisis arise before the leaders come back. This means that students will be governed by the office of the Dean of Students, a constitutional provision that most students feel will serve to limit their freedom within campus.

According to the students, if such an induction were to be effectively conducted at this time, and without inconveniencing both the common student and the students’ leaders both socially and academically, then it ought to have been done within the University premises. This would ensure that students are served and the SGC members are also trained at the same time. It would also limit unnecessary financial expenditure. Unless it’s merely a tour for the SGC official, the visit to Coast under the umbrella of ‘induction’ is a waste of time and hardly got resources.


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