Moi University @ 30 By SARATI Richard

With the vision 2030 in the horizon, Moi University Main Campus is surely a flagship institution. All the pillars holding this national vision are well represented in this campus. None has been left to the national government. Here the vision 2030 is rapidly being institutionalized. In fact the institution is celebrating 30 years of existence.

The social pillar hoists us far above the neighboring campuses, if any in the 50 kilometer radius. Our accommodation and other social amenities reflect that of the capital city, Nairobi. From the plush Houses to congested hostels like Soweto Apartments, we are an urban centre. The Barracks and Upper Hill are in a class of their own. Staying in some hostels like H, J an M you only need to buy maize meal. 90% of the residents are either hawkers, shopkeepers, grocers and even beauticians. That we drink the same water, breath same air and even feed the same species of cockroaches are the few things that make us equal.

Get to the Houses and you will always have companions on the way to the morning classes. The wide hoofed cattle, 1980 Massey Ferguson estate tractor, herdsmen and mud washed sheep all travel in the same direction. The estate tractor is an early bird, loaded with spilling household waste covers the narrow rain loving road. Cattle with sagging udders emerge from the dispensary road like kindergartens joining the main road to the muddy K – students Centre pavement. They walk slowly pulling and chewing on the roadside grass. Obliviously unaware of the damage their hooves are doing on the only road to the houses. The road behind them is a real vegetable garden ready to grow with the most needed ‘sukuma wiki’. Watered by the previous night’s rain, manured with cow dung, the vegetables will surely germinate and grow. This is a countryside campus turning 30 and embracing vision 2030.

In technology, WIFI is the in thing. We are digital. The Margaret Thatcher Library is getting connected even the books are flying away from the shelves to the sky and becoming E-books. We can now access online journals, e-books and other resources at the click of a button. The old time Student Centre googled for sometimes and died off. Maybe it will resurrect when Moi University turns 31.

Hostels are booked online and signed in analogically. All schools’ offices are networked and now they are hotspots. Hostel J can even receive a stray signal from the School of Human Resource Development. Ngeria hostel, being sandwiched between the Schools of Engineering and Physical and Biological Sciences is our replica of if not the next Konza City in the North Rift.


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