Ian Deserves Better By ALAL K’Alal

The late Ian is set to be buried on Saturday at his Rural home in Meru County. Amidst preparations by the family, the University administration, the SGC and the students’ fraternity, some comrades have raised concerns on the kind of ceremony that he is yet to be given. According to the students, the late deserves a good send-off attended by students at their wish. The students have also blamed the current SGC for naivety and reluctance in making proper preparations towards the burial.

Speaking to the Legacy reporter, however, the MUSO vice chairperson who is entirely in charge of students’ welfare, Grace Muchiri, rubbished the claims saying that the SGC have made efforts to ensure Ian receives the best send-off ever. According to Muchiri, the University has provided one bus to ferry ten SGC members, the Dean of Students, friends, class members and the staff, members of the church and media personnel to and from Meru. ‘The university has given us thirty thousand for preparation and the SGC has also contributed thirty thousand for condolence. Nearly fifty five students are set to attend the funeral, twenty seven from his class, twenty from Meru County, ten SGC members, the Dean and staff members. We only have one bus so not all of us can attend, personally I would have wished that all his classmates go,’ she remarked.

In the past, both the SGC and the administration have been reluctant in responding to students affairs, particularly when comrades die. Last year, the administration refused to provide a bus for the burial of Faith Chitty (May her soul rest in eternal peace) citing that she was not a bonafide student of Moi University. Then, Faith was on a long vacation and was yet to report for a new semester. In the same year, Dan Odede, a student in the school of Business and Economics passed on while on a long vacation. He too was not a bonafide student, the university however made efforts and provided two Nissans that ferried two SGC members, assistant Dean of Students and friends to Migori for the burial. When Ombaye Ronald died, the university provided only one bus to take students to Keroka. He was not accorded a ceremonious burial that he deserved.

Ian, hopefully is a bonafide student of Moi University; a University with a difference, whether the difference is positive or negative is none of our business. He had paid school fee, he was on an academic trip too. He should be given a wonderful send off; evidently one bus is not enough, not for a bonafide third year student who passed on while on an academic trip. The SGC and student activists seem to be silent, most probably, because their names are in the list of those who are travelling on Saturday, according to the MUSO vice chair. ‘We were supposed to travel tomorrow but the buses are still in Mombasa, we hope they will be back and students will travel on Saturday.’

Students have also blamed the SGC on their failure to organize a special day for students to pay their last respect to Ian. According to the students, a legal  Kamkunji should have been called to pay a minute of     silence to the late Ian.

The Legacy, on behalf of our esteemed readers, sends our most heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the late Ian during this trial moments. May the Almighty father Rest his soul in Eternal peace. Till we meet again Ian, Rest In Peace.



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