Leadership Redefined by Clive Olero

The leadership system in Kenya is callous, unsympathetic, egoistic and deceitful. It is rotten through and through. From the topmost position one can hold in the republic down to that prefect in Primary school. People who have nothing but an insatiable desire to fill their ever-growing urge build the scrawny, sour faced, ugly system we call administration. Our University too has been keen on trudging faithfully on this path.

The true spirit of leadership was thrown out of the window eons ago and what we experience today is nothing but a mere shadow of what it used to be. I was once tempted to classify it as an African thing but then, the spirit of Africanism is not at play in any of this as it abhorred vehemently greed, looked down upon those who were keen of reaping where they never sowed and excommunicated anyone who thought their life more important than others. People who had developed good homesteads for themselves honestly fought bravely. More often, on the battle fronts – during war-those who were humble and generous to everyone in the community and had gained titles on their names were in a better place to be at the helm of societal administration.

The leadership of today gives our ancestors more reason to stay put in their graves and even add many more layers of gravel and sand upon themselves. If only they are to be saved from the shock and heart wrenching torment any normal human being would be moved to feel. This disease that plagues us is not an African thing but a matter of humanity. Nay, inhumanity.

That a full grown man, who has gone through a multifaceted system of education where -if I am not wrong- religion is a subject should stand before a multitude of people, fill their ears with persuasive rhetoric and move their hearts into believing that he is indeed the treatment they need. Have the people overwhelmingly place him in power, then once he realizes that the seat is indeed comfortable and  can be more comfortable without the ‘incessant whines’ of the people, starts to plunder their hard earned money, betraying them in the process. That this man should have the audacity to show his teeth when confronted on the issue is indeed pathetic.

The manner with which the leaders of today cloth themselves with self-found, self-made immunity baffles me. The excuses they give as demystifications to their actions are equally very childish. At times you wonder whether they listen to themselves speak. They do a miserable job trying to convince us that they have our interests at hearteven when it’s clear all the decisions they make are self-centered.

Whatever we have created, we must be able to terminate. Bad leadership should end. It begins with us acknowledging that every person is as important as we are and that no life is better than the other. The same way you would not like to live in a stinky dirt hole is the same way another does not enjoy the ordeal. That you hold a position in society only means that you have the chance to make life better for those who’ll come after you. You have a position to straighten up whatever is crooked and advocate for justice for those to whom it is due.

Leaders have their heads up high in the sky, but they must bring their feet back to the ground and touch base.


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