The Ugly Side Of Hostel M

By ALLAN Aguko

I wake up early one morning and draw the window curtains to catch a glimpse of the sun. Thanks to my abode in hostel M which overlooks hostel L. I do this habitually, perhaps in a bid to decide on which outfit to have on in preparedness to the unpredictable weather. As I do this, something overwhelmingly disturbing pricks my curiosity: A comrade walks into the incomplete section of hostel M.I ignore this but the scenario recurs the following day.

This time, a handful of comrades walk in and out of this building at intervals. Seemingly, something unknown but interesting must be going on right inside the building.
I tell myself. I then assign myself a task despite the considerably unbearable nostalgia. I have to find out what goes on there.

As I enter the building, a comrade is busy at the dark corner enjoying a cigar. Another is equally busy and the stench tells it all, cannabis is burning down. A dying ember of the same is on the floor. A move to the first floor startles and rattles me to the very bone. Fresh human excreta welcomes me but I journey on to take the task to its conclusive end. Some comrades have chosen to make “proper” use of this incomplete building.

One wonders how ‘intellectuals’ would think of doing so let alone seeking the actual relief. How could a person in his right senses defecate in such a place? Some would, however, argue that perhaps the dilapidated conditions of some wash rooms in hostel M immensely fuels such crude behaviour. Some animals are incomparably intellectually endowed with respect to waste deposition than some of us. Worth mentioning is the Cat family, they do this with utmost concern.

It’s very rare if not impossible to come across defecations of a cat. A further delve unravels yet another interesting bit of the usage of this building. A guy is enjoying the company of a lady of Caucasian extract. They are having a blast out of the sunrays. This is laudable but not closer to the full glare and stare of human defecations. The building houses a myriad of activities ranging far and wide.

It is a parking lot for bicycles, smoking zone, basking zone and worse still, a depository of human waste. I have no problem with these except for the latter. What is wrong with humanity or perhaps it has been blown away by the strong waves of age, who knows? It’s rather absurd how comrades are explicitly innovative in their own rights in utilization of the resources within Moi fraternity.

Well, anyone and everyone who cares to think through this habitual misuse of the building will agree with me that these acts are barbaric, archaic and stinky. Something is wrong and this is it: We have surely been robbed of benevolent humane traits. We then have got to stage a double barrelled onslaught to reclaim its glory in fullness as comrades.


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