Mid Monthly Period It Was Indeed

By RONALD McAgak and DIVINA Kemuma

Poetry can be boring to he who has no emotions but it moves those who are emotionally ‘weak’. Those who have a heart that a typical lady would wish for, would not resist the wrath of the architecture of words of a poet. It was the ‘Mid-Monthly Period’, the heart drained its pain, pain that comes unexpectedly-mid month.

Eldoret Poets Association in conjunction with The Legacy Publication of Moi University students on Saturday treated students to a romantic night of poetry.

The event dubbed “The Mid-Monthly Period” kicked off at 6 pm in evening and ended towards midnight. Poets in the house gave a special dedication to the fallen comrade Ian Kimathi. Though it was a somber mood but the words kept the comrades in attendance together. The function attracted dignitaries in MUSO among them the Academics Director, Edwin Gogo and MUSO Editor-in Chief, William Dekker.

The event emerged the best of all shows ever as the audience was overwhelming. Unlike other shows whereby the audience get bored and leave earlier before adjournment, the event was interesting to an extent that the end looked like the beginning. The poets and poetesses inspired the attendants whereby the first years were a great number.

The Legacy proved to all attendants that it is the biggest Student Publication in Moi University. Members of The Legacy executive who graced the event included the chairman Clive Olero, the Editor-in-Chief, Norah Akelo, acting Secretary General Winnie Onyango, Editors Ronald McAgak and Divinah Kemuma, Organizing Secretary,Hildagad Dindi, acting Assistant Secretary General, Frank Kaumah. They showed up the ideal of what the publication entails.

Besides, the Legacy Catering Department could not leave the audience with empty stomachs. With great honour, they tried their best to make the audience feel comfortable by providing them with drinks and snacks. It was not only educative but it confirmed to be more interactive.  This proved to everyone that the Legacy Publication is indeed Informative and Interactive.


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