Freshers’ Brawl


For the past two weeks or so; first years of Moi University have been enjoying life in campus. They got the chance to walk around the school and got to know its most known spots. They attended various orientations done by the Vice Chancellor, Deans of Schools and student leaders; from the lecture halls to the library.

Life for first years in the past two weeks has been admirable. With nothing much to do, most students found themselves lazing around the school and stage was a perfect pastime. Freshers walking around in groups of three and four,with earphones in the ears ,buying coils and utensils to start cooking has been a common sight.

The various parties they attended are also notable. The Ignite Show, The Band Concert and not forgetting the long awaited one Freshers Night, held on 10th October. The Freshers Night was the best thing that could happen to first years, they got the chance to mingle with fellow students and the invited artists did not disappoint.

Most freshmen were in attendance for the Freshers Night some stayed in their rooms while others attended the CU Kesha. This night was however quite long for some as a fight broke out in Hostel J between first year who went for Freshers Night and her roommate who stayed in the room. The one who remained locked the door with an antigen and slept. The lady came back after the party and tried opening the door with no success . Her persistence on knocking the door called the attention of her roommate who never attended the event. She reviled the other lady for disturbing her sleep while she was not part of her pleasure. All this while, anger was boiling in the heart of the ‘Kadunda girl’, fortunately or rather unfortunately, the sleeping roommate finally opened the door. A fight erupted between the two ladies with each struggling to physically defend their right. It was a question of who had provoked the other.

Away from the partying and the lazing around, the most important thing that brought us here, education. Last week classes began for some first years. As early as 7:30 in the morning you could meet with fist years making their way to their various lectures. Some were lucky to find lecturers and learn but most lessons bounced! Something that was a disappointment for those who almost broke their legs running for the various lessons. Reasons for running is not clear, but most cited space as the issue..


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