The Poets Voice

I Am Going Home

By Ordia Akelo

Time and time again

It has been said with no gain,

That we are just but visitors,

Sojourning in a world not ours,

From whence we came,

No one knows, but we are told from a creator

Who set us on a path, known but unknown

And so we have been sent, to this place called earth,

Each bearing a message from the Father

That we may deliver it to a world he wishes to see better.

Wrapped in a person, in different ways and fashion,

Lies the message of hope filled with love,

From a heart torn father.

We must go then hither

And unveil from our inner selves that very message,

Whether through melodies sweet or acts of compassion,

Deliver the message whatever your package,

Big or small,

Just give it your all

And when its time to go back home,

You will be lighter than before.


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