The Poets Voice

Lament of a Bachelor

By Wafula P’Khisa

Hard I try to forget:

A child I am of a lesser god;

No wonder you deem me unfit,

Even your hand to hold.

But my heart fails,

It insists:

You are mine Diva…

It whines with undying quest,

Deep in my veins the cold cuts.

With haste races my spirit–

Imagining that you’ll ever miss:

My charms; and my love—

Down from above,

Embrace me warmly,

And be mine Diva…

I beseech you, sweetheart:

Should I go nuts and wane,

For me save a piece of your heart.

Indeed I’ve craved and fought without winning!

Undress… Let me in…

Thence together dig the treasure,

Deep into your vineyard, sweet Diva…

Of your soft and sugary lips, let me lick;

Of your fully ripe milk bags, let me caress and suck;

Of your sharp nipples, let me fondle,

As my tongue traverses,

In the wilderness of your mouth…

Let my fore limbs,

Feel your contours, and every bit of you,

As our caged hearts chorus,

The love anthem in unison.

Let me hear you gasp and moan with passion,

Thence I’ll leave the world behind me,

Hold you like a sacrificial egg; a wife to be…

For I’m deep into you Diva!


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