Responsible Youth For A Responsible Society

By ORDIA Akelo

East African Youth Parliament, Moi University Chapter in conjunction with The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commissionyesterday treated a section of students to a Leadership training conference dubbed,‘Responsible Youth for a Responsible Society’. The event which was attended by leaders in various dockets within the university gave the students an insight into what is expected of them in and out of the school institution as far as leadership and co-existence in the society is concerned.

Members of the SGC who were in attendance were Geoffrey Juma the chairperson, Vida Juma the Assistant Secretary General andClinton Mutali ‘Papa’, the Sports Director. Others who were there to give their two cents on leadership were members of the previous SGC were KipsaroarapBoit the former Chairperson, Nathaniel Akadima the former Secretary General and Eric Kinaga the former Security and Accommodation Director. Eric Kinaga gave a moving presentation on freedoms and responsibility. In his presentation, he urged the youth to keep in mind that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. The more the freedom, the greater the responsibility, he also added that choices have consequences and we should always bear that in mind.

The key speakers were Ann Kiprotich and Mr. Mutiga from the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission, Anthony Mbayaki the Patron of the East African Youth Parliament, Moi University Chapter and Dr. FBS Kariuki the Careers Officer of Moi University, Dr. MasiboLumala a lecturer in the School of Human Resource. Their presentations revolved around ethics and integrity to create and build responsible youth. Their main call being the youth must stand up and be counted as the lifeline of this nation and the world;the lifeline in the sense that, the youth make up the majority ofany nation and they are the most energetic and through them, a nation can either rise or fall. The issue of unemployment among the youth was also addressed as speakers gave statistical figures of only 50,000 out of the 800,000 who graduate every year get formal employment. They encouraged the students to search for gaps in the society that need to be filled instead of waiting for formal employment.

Dr. FBS Kariuki encouraged students to join various clubs and societies while they are still in the University as they are important in capacity building. Most employers are keen to look such when they are considering prospective employees.

William Dekker, the MUSO Editor-in-Chief gave a presentation on the social media. Notable from his presentation was the youth and their use of social media. He mentioned the fact that most youth today use the media to feed the tribal dragon while in real sense it should be used to connect with people from other communities and cultures. This goes against the intended purpose of the new media, it is therefore only right that we the youth, set the pace and use the social media as a tool to push the unity agenda.

The MUSO Chairperson, Geoffrey Omondi concluded by saying that when it comes to leadership the position does not count but the roles played by the individual. He added that each and every one of us is a leader, we do not need a position to prove it.


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