Fresh Takes


First years are a sweet and interesting lot. As a continuing student it is fun to watch them run around in a bid to catch their various classes on time. Their dedication and passion to attend all their classes is admirable, i only wish they can maintain their pace till the end of their term in campus.

It is almost three weeks since the first years got the opportunity to be in campus and to experience campo life. This makes me nostalgic as i remember how i was, some two years ago; this shows you how old i am.I can never forget the excitement and the eagerness that i had to join campus. Well, this article is not about me and my fresha experience so i will have to end it there though i can write a whole book to talk about it. I got the chance to interview a few of the first years and i can asure you that i was greatly entertained.

A few of them whom i interviewed said that they were excited and happy to be in Moi University.Some said that Moi was actually their first choice of all the campuses in Kenya and that they are very contented and they wouldn’t want anything more. Unfortuately, majority of them did not have Moi as their first choice, they had eyes for other campuses like UON, KU, JKUAT and many others but i hope that at the end of this semester they will find their footing and appreciate their presence in this university with a difference.

Susan Omondi was mesmerized at how big the campus is, she was pretty happy about the facilities in the campus. For instance she loved the Margret Thacher library and she was happy to be among the lucky few who are able to use the famous facility.

The number of different schools in Main campus is also another wonder first years have found interesting some were wondering how it is possible to have such number of schools in one institution.

For somethig to be real it must also have its flip side. Among the many things first years have found not so friendly is the muddy nature of theTalai center stage after the rains. Another one claimed that he once fell on his way to the hostels. Others find the hostels too small contrary to their expection of self contained rooms complete with lounges and kitchenettes. According to them, the rooms are much squeezed with the sanitation of the hostels at large is also a big issue.

Despite the few downs, most of them find campus life interesting , they are loving the fact that their freedom is upheld and have a control of their own life. However, they should be warned that with freedom comes a lot of responsibility.

Being a freshman is a humbling experience as you get to experience and re-invent yourself in line with campus. I am sure that the current freshmen will have an opportunity to change the necessary but be keen to ensure their good values remain intact.


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