Healthy Living

By SHARON Atieno

Believe it or not the, best gift one can get in life is the gift of living. Being alive, healthy and kicking is the best gift any human being can wish for. Yesterday I almost brushed shoulders with death or at least that is

what I imagined the situation to be.

Being diagnosed with any disease be it typhoid, malaria, cancer or even a common cold is nothing to laugh about. Each disease comes with its own pains that leave one in a torturous state. Personally waking up today remembering the enormous amount of pain I experienced yesterday makes my heart grateful that all that is dead and gone. I will faithfully follow my prescription to the letter.

To cut the long story short, let us all take our lives into our own hands, the question being how to do this. First, let us practice good hygiene; this includes washing hands after visiting the washrooms, after exchanging handshakes, after cleaning our rooms etc. Let us be warned: germs are everywhere, very much alive and ready to attack.

The second thing is visiting the hospital that is, going for regular checkups. It is free of charge and the dispensary is not that far to necessitate for a cub or bodaboda if not for your own will and pleasure. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with seeing the doctor for a general checkup after all he or she is being paid to attend to your medical needs.

The third thing is taking every minor ailment seriously. These include dry coughs, stomach aches, headaches, abdominal pains and cold even tonsils. Most major diseases begin with minor symptoms which come and go after a while or after taking pain killers.

We should also be keen when it comes to the kind of food we eat. We should strive to ensure we eat a balanced diet. It does not make sense spending all your money buying alcohol yet you can’t treat yourself with simple eggs and kales treat yourself with. Balanced diet can be achieved from various types of food.

At times we have to forego luxurious treats for the sake of our health, these include the fries and snacks, chocolates, sodas, alcohol, kebabs and all those junks we crave for yet we can do without.

Lastly, we should see to it that we stick to the doctor’s prescriptions to avoid re-occurrence of the same ailments.


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