Universities No Longer A Hub Of Intellects


It is not strange to come across posters on walls of university hostels or streets with inscription
‘Whoever stole 20k from my room or clothes from the clothesline should return them immediately or else I go home and you don’t blame me, you will know why I come from Ukambani’

The sight of these notices makes me indisposed. I fail to understand if the common sense in these individuals in rare. You are in the university and I believe that you are more civilized than those at the village and you should use your knowledge well and comprehend that such amounts of money should be kept in the bank or M-pesa. An amount of money more than five thousand should be kept in your bank account or Mpesa. You appear cruder in your posters. Many financial institutions spend millions in sensitization on the importance of having bank accounts and even to avoid inconveniences wherever you want to withdraw. Almost every bank has come up with mobile banking where you don’t need to go to the bank to queue.

It is even advantageous as you are able to earn interests from your savings from banks and even from mobile services such as M-Shwari. Next time you see such notices with the contacts of complainants please just text ‘stupid’. University students are considered the top cream of the society and thus should be role models to the society lest you remain a mockery to society and more so the villages from where you hail. I think banks should focus their campaigns on financial management in campuses to educate comrades. It is not strange that the same comrades use the loans they get to drink and to live posh life. HELB loans are not meant to be used that way; invest, save and pay fee.

Secondly, the notices imply that there are still superstitions among comrades. How do you threaten to go back to Ukambani, Kisii or Luo Nyanza if the thief fails to bring back the money? This is an indication that education does not attain its intended objective. The government invests in you through and HELB loans and bursaries so that you become future leaders if but it seems many a university student never let go of the village in them. Still, comrades believe in the witchcraft-tragedy. It’s not strange to hear some say that when I go home the thief will feed on grass! Comrades let’s wake up from this slumber or we remain a disgrace lot.

The other time I read that a lady succumbed to death after a failed attempted abortion; I thought this should be cases back in the village. Lots of money is wasted on sensitization on the C-word campaigns around the campus. Hostels have dispensers full of condoms yet comrades do not notice them. Morning pills are everywhere in the shops, why can’t you go for them if it is a must you eat the forbidden fruits without protection. Our universities should gain their status that has been lost.


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