Spare Us of Your Greed for Fame, Political Losers

By Ronald McAgak

A leader never uses others for his/her personal interest but works with others for the common good of everyone. Political losers from previous MUSO elections are unfortunately trying to use comradeship as a stepping stone to political fame. The unnecessary news conferences called by the so called “advocates” for comrades’ rights from Moi University makes all the intentions glare. I have been wondering what someone who was unable to help comrades in any capacity can speak about national issues. I know everyone is entitled to giving his/her views on national issues but dragging comradeship into it taints the purpose of the action.

Currently the issues trending are about referendum, and every Kenyan citizen has a right to give their views on the same. In campus we don’t share common views on referendum. We have those who are for it, those who are not for it and those who do not care. When a group of political losers gain the courage to purport to represent comrades it really demeans the intelligence of the country’s top cream. One will say that the writer of this article is anti-comrades but the truth is that the term “comrade” is a noble term that should not be raped by a few individuals with personal interest.

On Thursday last week I was caught up in a fracas in which some students intellectually differed with some bus operators. Yes, a comrade is always right but it does not mean we are an Island. We also have to leave with others. Just as the locals depend on us, we also greatly depend on them. Seriously why should you leave Main Campus and head to town to create instability in peace on matters that could be solved within campus? I have great respect for the guys, serious I do respect those who were involved in the fracas but was it really necessary? Going by what transpired; does it mean that because we are “intellectuals” we should not peacefully co-exist with the neighbouring community? Let’s imagine of life in campus without transport stakeholders, mama mbogas and all the guys who make life in here comfortable and enjoyable.

Some comrades will always do radical things in a way to lure comrades into their cause. On a serious note, political losers should spare us of their greed for fame. We will always give credit where it deserves and criticize or rebuke where necessary. There is no intellectuality in using comradeship in a silly and demeaning way.


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