Moi University’s Class of 2014 Pass The Test

By Esther Wacera and Christine Opanda

Moi University on 3rd October, 2014 held its 30th graduation ceremony, which took place in the university’s graduation square.

The ceremony, which began at 8.00 am by a procession, resulted to over 4,500 graduands with different categories, ranging from Doctor in Philosophy, Masters, postgraduate diploma, bachelors to diploma.
Among the guests present were; Prof. Miriam Were (Chancellor Moi University), Prof. Richard Mibey (VC Moi University), University representatives and alumni representatives.

Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi was expected but did not make it he instead sent a representative, who read his speech. In his speech, he urged the graduands to make arrangements on paying their HELB loans for the benefit of other students in need of it.
Eight schools under the University graduated: School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Education, School of Business and Economics, School of Human Resource Development, School of Public Health, School of Tourism, School of Medicine and School of Engineering.

The university intends to hold yet another graduation ceremony on November 14th, 2014 for the schools that were left out. These schools include: School of Biological and Physical Sciences, School of Information Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Dentistry, School Nursing, School of Law and School of Aerospace.

The chancellor, Prof Miriam K. Were congratulated the graduates for reaching where they had. She also thanked the professors, lecturers and supervisors for sharing their knowledge with the graduands and making professionals out of them. She acknowledged the fact that this was special graduation because the university was marking 30 years since it was established in 1984. She urged the graduands to put into practice what they had learnt for the years they had spent in the university.

Business also boomed as people sold flowers, graduation cards, food, snacks and beverage. For those who like fashion, this was the place to be with the large number of people around, fashion was the order of the day. Everybody had something different put on. If you are also obsessed with culture, again you were at the right place. People from different communities, especially Maasai sparkled in their cultural outfit.
Security was also beefed up, as police officers guarded all the entrances and exits around the vicinity. After the graduation ceremony was dissolved, entertainment from the Moi University choir followed. Families from different communities from Luhya to Maasai to Kikuyu, sang and danced with their graduands, for they could not hide their joy.


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